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Hakim-hakim 18

TSK Full Life Study Bible

18:1 · raja(TB/TL) <04428> [no king.]

The word {mailech,} which generally means a king, is sometimes taken for a supreme ruler, governor, or judge (see Ge 36:31. De 33:5;) and it is probable it should be so understood here, and in the parallel passages.

· suku ...................... suku-suku(TB)/bangsa ....................... suku(TL) <07626> [the tribe.]

· zaman ............ zaman ............. hari(TB)/zaman .......... zaman .................. hari(TL) <03117> [for unto.]


Judul : Bani Dan menetap di Lais

Perikop : Hak 18:1-31

ada raja

Hak 17:6; [Lihat FULL. Hak 17:6]

suku-suku Israel.

Yos 19:47; Hak 1:34 [Semua]

18:2 · bani ............. orang-orang(TB)/bani ............. perwira(TL) <0582 01121> [men. Heb. sons. Zorah.]

· mengintai(TB/TL) <07270> [to spy.]

· pegunungan(TB/TL) <02022> [mount.]


bani Dan

Kej 30:6; [Lihat FULL. Kej 30:6]

gagah perkasa,

Hak 18:17

untuk mengintai

Bil 21:32; [Lihat FULL. Bil 21:32]

menyelidiki negeri

Yos 2:1; [Lihat FULL. Yos 2:1]

rumah Mikha,

Hak 17:1; [Lihat FULL. Hak 17:1]

18:3 · dikenal(TB)/dikenalnya(TL) <05234> [they knew.]

They knew by his dialect or mode of pronunciation, that he was not an Ephraimite: see the parallel texts.

· [and what hast.]


suku Lewi

Hak 17:7

18:4 · menggaji ...... imamnya ... imam(TB)/diupahkannya(TL) <07936 03548> [hired me.]


menjadi imamnya.

Hak 17:12

18:5 · Tanyakanlah(TB)/bertanyakan(TL) <07592> [Ask counsel.]

· Allah(TB/TL) <0430> [of God.]


kepada Allah,

Kej 25:22; [Lihat FULL. Kej 25:22]; Hak 20:18,23,27; 1Sam 14:18; 2Sam 5:19; 2Raj 1:2; 8:8 [Semua]

18:6 · selamat selamat(TB)/selamat(TL) <07965 03212> [Go in peace.]

· dipandang(TB)/turut(TL) <05227> [before.]

· TUHAN(TB)/Tuhan(TL) <03068> [the Lord.]

As the Levite uses the word Jehovah, and as the Danites succeeded according to the oracle delivered by him, some learned men are of opinion, that the worship established by Micah was not of an idolatrous kind.


dengan selamat!

1Raj 22:6

18:7 · Lais(TB/TL) <03919> [Laish.]

· [called Leshem. how they.]

· kaya(TB)/banyak harta benda(TL) <03423> [magistrate. Heb. possessor, or, heir of restraint.]

· apapun .................. bergaul(TB)/sesuatu ......................... beramah-ramahan(TL) <01697> [and had no.]

In the most correct copies of the LXX. this clause stands thus; [kai logos ouk en autois meta Syrias;] "and they had no transactions with Syria;" evidently reading instead of ['ƒdƒm <\\See definition 0120\\>] {adam,} man, ['Arƒm <\\See definition 0758\\>] {aram,} Syria; words so nearly similar that the only difference between them is in the [Rˆysh,] {raish,} and [Dƒleth,] daleth, which in both MSS. and printed books is sometimes indiscernible. Laish was situated on the frontiers of Syria.


kelima orang

Hak 18:17

ke Lais.

Yos 19:47; [Lihat FULL. Yos 19:47]

dan tenteram.

Kej 34:25; [Lihat FULL. Kej 34:25]

orang Sidon

Hak 18:28; Yos 11:8 [Semua]

18:8 · Zora ... Esytaol .... Esytaol(TB)/Zora ... Esytaol(TL) <0847 06881> [Zorah and Eshtaol.]

18:9 · Bersiaplah(TB)/Marilah(TL) <06965> [Arise.]

· diam(TB)/Masalah(TL) <02814> [are ye still.]

· bermalas-malas(TB)/malas(TL) <06101> [be not.]


dan menduduki

Bil 13:30; 1Raj 22:3 [Semua]

18:10 · tenteram(TB)/lalai(TL) <0982> [secure.]

· diserahkan ... Allah ... menyerahkannya(TB)/Allah(TL) <0430 05414> [God hath.]

· kekurangan(TB)/kurang(TL) <04270> [where there.]


tidak kekurangan

Ul 8:9


1Taw 4:40

18:11 · diperlengkapi(TB)/lengkap(TL) <02296> [appointed. Heb. girded.]


ratus orang

Hak 18:16,17 [Semua]

suku Dan,

Hak 13:2

18:12 · Kiryat-Yearim ................ Kiryat-Yearim(TB)/Kiryat-Yearim ........................... Kiryat-Yearim(TL) <07157> [Kirjath-jearim.]

A city of Judah, on the confines of Benjamin; distant nine miles from ’lia or Jerusalem, in going towards Diospolis or Lydda, according to Eusebius.

· Mahane-Dan(TB)/tentara(TL) <04265> [Mahaneh-dan.]

13:25 *marg:


di Kiryat-Yearim

Yos 9:17; [Lihat FULL. Yos 9:17]

disebut Mahane-Dan

Hak 13:25

18:13 · pegunungan Efraim ... Efrayim(TB)/pegunungan Efrayim(TL) <0669 02022> [mount Ephraim.]


rumah Mikha.

Hak 17:1; [Lihat FULL. Hak 17:1]

18:14 · berbicaralah(TB)/kata(TL) <06030> [Then.]

· rumah-rumah(TB)/rumah(TL) <01004> [in these.]

· Tahukah kamu ................. insafilah(TB)/Tahukah ........................ tahu(TL) <03045> [now therefore.]


daerah Lais

Yos 19:47; [Lihat FULL. Yos 19:47]

ada efod,

Hak 8:27; [Lihat FULL. Hak 8:27]

patung tuangan?

Kej 31:19; [Lihat FULL. Kej 31:19]

18:15 · menanyakan(TB)/bertanyakan(TL) <07592> [saluted him. Heb. asked him of peace.]

18:16 · keenam ratus(TB)/enam ratus(TL) <03967 08337> [six hundred.]


bani Dan

Hak 18:11; [Lihat FULL. Hak 18:11]

18:17 · kelima orang .................................. orang(TB)/kelima orang ................................... orang(TL) <0582 0376 02568> [five men.]

· <06459> [the graven.]


efod, terafim

Kej 31:19; [Lihat FULL. Kej 31:19]; Mi 5:12 [Semua]

ratus orang

Hak 18:11


dan mengambil

Hak 18:24; Yes 46:2; Yer 43:11; 48:7; 49:3; Hos 10:5 [Semua]

efod, terafim

Kej 31:19; [Lihat FULL. Kej 31:19]

18:19 · tutup ...... tanganmu(TB)/tekapkanlah(TL) <07760 03027> [lay thine.]

This was the token of silence. These men were evidently very ignorant; and absurdly concluded that they should, by taking Micah's gods, secure the presence and favour of the God of Israel, in their expedition and settlement. They perhaps supposed the piety of their motives, and the goodness of their end, would justify the means. But it was a base robbery of Micah, aggravated by the Levite's ingratitude, and their menaces.

· bapak(TB)/bapa(TL) <01> [a father.]



Ayub 13:5; 21:5; 29:9; 39:37; Yes 52:15; Mi 7:16 [Semua]

dan imam

Hak 17:10

dan kaum

Bil 26:42

18:20 · hati(TB/TL) <03820> [heart.]

· masuk(TB/TL) <0935> [went.]

He was glad of his preferment among the Danites; and went into the crowd, that he might not be discovered by Micah or his family.



18:21 · dengan(TB)/ditaruhnya(TL) <07760> [and put.]

These men were so confident of success, that they removed their whole families, household goods, cattle, and all.

· ditempatkan(TB)/harta bendanyapun(TL) <03520> [the carriage.]

{Kevoodah,} from {kavad,} to be heavy, denotes the luggage or baggage.

18:23 · mengerahkan(TB/TL) <02199> [What aileth.]

· mengerahkan(TB/TL) <02199> [comest. Heb. art gathered together.]

18:24 · sahutnya ........................... berkata(TL) <0559> [what have.]


kamu ambil,

Hak 18:17-18; [Lihat FULL. Hak 18:17]; [Lihat FULL. Hak 18:18] [Semua]

18:25 · sakit(TB)/pahit(TL) <04751> [angry. Heb. bitter of soul.]


dari padanya,

2Sam 3:39; Mazm 18:18; 35:10 [Semua]

18:27 · Lais(TB/TL) <03919> [Laish.]

· memukul(TB)/dibunuhnya(TL) <05221> [they smote.]

· dibakar(TB)/dibakarnya(TL) <08313> [burnt.]


yakni rakyat

Kej 34:25; [Lihat FULL. Kej 34:25]

dan kotanya

Kej 49:17; Yos 19:47; [Lihat FULL. Yos 19:47] [Semua]


Bil 31:10; [Lihat FULL. Bil 31:10]

18:28 · menolong(TB)/membantu(TL) <05337> [And there.]

· jauh ... Sidon ... Sidon(TB)/jauhlah(TL) <07350 06721> [far from.]

Probably the people of Laish were originally a colony of the Zidonians; who being an opulent people, and in possession of a strong city, lived in a state of security, not being afraid of their neighbours. In this the Leshemites imitated them, though they appear not to have had the same reason for their confidence; and though they might naturally expect help from their countrymen, yet as they lived at a considerable distance from Sidon, the Danites saw they could strike the blow before the news of the invasion could reach that city.

· Bet-Rehob(TB)/Bait-Rehob(TL) <01050> [Beth-rehob.]

· [Rehob.]


dari Sidon

Hak 18:7; [Lihat FULL. Hak 18:7]; Kej 10:19; [Lihat FULL. Kej 10:19] [Semua]

lembah Bet-Rehob.

Bil 13:21; [Lihat FULL. Bil 13:21]

18:29 · Dan ........ Dan(TB)/Dan(TL) <01835> [Dan.]

· lahir(TB)/diperanakkan(TL) <03205> [who was.]

Laish, or Dan, was situated at the northern extremity of the land of Canaan, in a beautiful and fertile plain, at the foot of mount Lebanon, on the springs of Jordan, and, according to Eusebius, four miles from C‘sarea Philippi, or Paneas, now Banias, (with which some have confounded it,) towards Tyre. Burckhardt says, that the source of the river El Dhan, or Jordan, is at an hour's distance from Banias, which agrees with Eusebius.


itu Dan,

Kej 14:14; [Lihat FULL. Kej 14:14]

adalah Lais.

Yos 19:47; [Lihat FULL. Yos 19:47]; 1Raj 15:20 [Semua]

18:30 · menegakkan(TB)/Maka(TL) <06965> [set up.]

God had graciously performed his promise, in putting these Danites in possession of that which fell to their lot, obliging them thereby to be faithful to him who had been so to them; they inherited the labour of the people, that they might observe his statues. Ps 105:44, 45. But the first thing they do after they are settled is to break his laws, by setting up the graven image, attributing their success to that idol, which, if God had not been infinitely patient, would have been their ruin. Thus a prosperous idolater goes on to offend, imputing this his power unto his God. Instead of Manasseh, some would read Moses; as it is found in some MSS., in the Vulgate and in the concessions of the most intelligent Jews. But Bp. Patrick takes this to be an idle conceit of the Rabbins, and supposes this Jonathan to be of some other family of the Levites. Yet Kimchi acknowledges, that the Jews, deeply concerned for the honour of their lawgiver, to whom they thought it would be a great dishonour to have a grandson who was an idolater, suspended the letter, [N–wn,] {noon,} over the word [M“sheh <\\See definition 04872\\>"] <\\See definition 04873\\> Moses, thus [Menashsheh <\\See definition 04519\\>,] as it is found in the Hebrew Bibles; which, by means of the points, they have changed into Manasseh.

· hari(TL) <03117> [until.]

· negeri(TB/TL) <0776> [the land.]

Houbigant contends, that, instead of {ha„retz,} "the land," we should read {ha„ron,} "the ark;" for the [Vƒv,] {wav,} and [N–wn, {noon final,} might easily be mistaken for [Tsƒdˆy,] {tzadday final;} which is the only difference between the two words. This conjecture is the more likely, as the next verse tells us, that Micah's graven image continued at Dan "all the time that the house of God was at Shiloh;" which was till the ark was taken by the Philistines.


bin Gersom

Kel 2:22

18:31 · selama(TB)/hari(TL) <03117> [all the time.]


telah dibuat

Hak 18:17

rumah Allah

Hak 19:18; 20:18 [Semua]

di Silo.

Yos 18:1; [Lihat FULL. Yos 18:1]; Yer 7:14 [Semua]

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