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2 Samuel 18:19--19:8

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Ahimaas(TB)/Ahimaaz(TL) <0290> [Ahimaaz.]

keadilan ..... tangan ... tangan(TB) <08199 03027> [avenged him. Heb. judged him from the hand, etc.]


Judul : Kabar kematian Absalom disampaikan kepada Daud

Perikop : 2Sam 18:19-32

berkatalah Ahimaas

2Sam 15:36; [Lihat FULL. 2Sam 15:36]

tangan musuhnya.

Hak 11:36


kabar ......... kabar ......... menyampaikan kabar(TB)/membawa kabar ............. membawa kabar ............ kabar(TL) <01309 01319> [bear tidings. Heb. be a man of tidings.]

raja(TB)/baginda(TL) <04428> [because.]


Apapun ................ Mengapa ........ Apakah(TB)/Kendatilah .............. apa(TL) <04100> [howsoever. Heb. be what may. ready. or, convenient.]


Kusyi mendahului ... Etiopia(TB)/mendahului Kusyi(TL) <03569 05674> [overran Cushi.]


kedua(TB/TL) <08147> [between.]

penjaga(TB)/pengawal(TL) <06822> [the watchman.]


sedang penjaga

1Sam 14:16; [Lihat FULL. 1Sam 14:16]; Yer 51:12; [Lihat FULL. Yer 51:12] [Semua]


yang baik.

1Raj 1:42; Yes 52:7; 61:1 [Semua]


[Methinketh. Heb. I see.]

baik ....... baik(TB/TL) <02896> [He is a good.]


cara berlari

2Raj 9:20


Selamat(TB)/Daulat(TL) <07965> [All is well. or, Peace be to thee. Heb. Peace. he fell down upon his face.]

This act was not only in reverence to the king, but in humble adoration of God, whose name he praises for this victory. The more our hearts are fixed and enlarged, in thanksgiving to God for our mercies, the better disposed we shall be to bear with patience the afflictions mixed with them.

Terpujilah(TB)/puji(TL) <01288> [Blessed.]

menyerahkan(TB)/diserahkannya(TL) <05462> [delivered up. Heb. shut up.]


Selamatkah Absalom ... muda(TB)/baik ... muda ... Absalom(TL) <05288 053 07965> [Is the young man Absalom safe? Heb. is there peace to, etc.]

I saw a great.


kabar(TB)/Maklumlah(TL) <01319> [Tidings. Heb. Tidings is brought. the Lord.]

Cushi was the man Joab ordered to carry the tidings to David. He was an Ethiopian, as his name signifies, and some think he was so by birth--a black, who waited on Joab, probably one of the ten who had helped to dispatch Absalom; though it was dangerous for one of those to bring the news to David, lest his fate should be the same with theirs that reported the death of Saul and Ishbosheth to him.


musuh(TB)/seteru(TL) <0341> [The enemies.]

Thus Cushi obliquely and slowly informs David of the death of his son Absalom.


muda itu

Hak 5:31; 1Sam 25:26; [Lihat FULL. 1Sam 25:26] [Semua]


Anakku ... anakku anakku .......... anakku anakku(TB)/anakku .... anakku .... anakku ............ anakku ... anakku(TL) <01121> [O my son.]

mati(TB/TL) <04191> [would God.]


Judul : Daud berkabung

Perikop : 2Sam 18:33--19:8

aku mati

Kel 32:32

anakku, anakku!

Kej 43:14; [Lihat FULL. Kej 43:14]; 2Sam 19:4 [Semua]




kemenangan(TB/TL) <08668> [victory. Heb. salvation, or, deliverance. turned.]


kota(TB)/negeri(TL) <05892> [into the city.]

Sebab ........ diam-diam ............ diam-diam(TB)/curi-curi ........ menyembunyikan(TL) <01589> [steal.]


menyelubungi(TB)/berselubungkan(TL) <03813> [covered.]

Anakku .... anakku anakku(TB)/anakku .... anakku ... anakku(TL) <01121> [O my son.]

It is allowed by competent critics that the lamentation of David over his son, of which this forms a part, is exceedingly pathetic; and Calmet properly remarks, that the frequent repetition of the name of the deceased is common in the language of lamentation.


mempermalukan(TB/TL) <03001> [Thou hast.]

Every one must admit that David's immoderate grief for his rebellious son was imprudent, and that Joab's firm and sensible reproof was necessary to arouse him to a sense of his duty to his people: but, in his manner, Joab far exceeded the bounds of that reverence which a servant owes to his master, or a subject to his prince.

menyelamatkan(TB)/meluputkan(TL) <04422> [saved.]


mencintai ........... cinta(TB)/mengasihi .............. mengasihi(TL) <0157> [In that, etc. Heb. By loving, etc. thou regardest, etc.]

Heb. princes or servants are not to thee. then it had.


hati orang-orangmu .... hamba(TB)/hati(TL) <03820 05650> [comfortably unto thy. Heb. to the heart of thy.]

tinggal ................... kaualami(TB)/tinggal(TL) <03885> [there.]

celaka ..... celaka(TB)/celaka ........... celaka(TL) <07451> [all the evil.]


sampai sekarang.

Ams 14:28


duduk ... pintu gerbang pintu gerbang ........ duduk ... pintu gerbang ... pintu gerbang(TB)/bersemayamlah .... pintu gerbang ........... bersemayam ... pintu gerbang(TL) <08179 03427> [sat in the gate.]

How prudently and mildly David took the reproof and counsel given him! He shook off his grief, anointed his head, and washed his face, that he might not appear unto men to mourn, and then made his appearance at the gate of the city, which was the public place of resort for the hearing of causes and giving judgment, as well as a place to ratify special bargains. Thither the people flocked to congratulate him on his and their safety, and that all was well. When we are convinced of a fault, we must amend, though we are told of it by our inferiors in a way which is peculiarly painful to our natural feelings. This ancient custom still obtains in the East; for when Dr. Pococke returned from viewing the town of ancient Byblus, he says, "The sheik and the elders were sitting in the gate of the city, after the ancient manner, and I sat awhile with them."

Israel(TB/TL) <03478> [for Israel.]


pintu gerbang.

2Sam 15:2; [Lihat FULL. 2Sam 15:2]

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