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Ulangan 15

TSK Full Life Study Bible



Judul : Tahun penghapusan hutang

Perikop : Ul 15:1-11


Im 25:8-38 dengan Ul 15:1-11

penghapusan hutang.

Ul 31:10; Neh 10:31 [Semua]

15:2 · orang yang ..... memberi pinjam dipinjamkannya(TB)/orang piutang .... memberi pinjam(TL) <05383 01167> [creditor that lendeth. Heb. master of the lending of his hand. exact it.]



seorang asing

Kej 31:15; [Lihat FULL. Kej 31:15]; Ul 23:20; 28:12; Rut 2:10 [Semua]

15:4 · Maka(TB) <0657> [Save, etc. or, To the end that there be no poor among you.]

Houbigant follows this marginal reading, to which he joins the end of the third verse, considering it as explanatory of the law; as if he had said, "Thou shalt not exact the debt that is due from thy brother, but thy hand shall release him, for this reason, that there may be no poor among you through your severity." He justly contends that the phrase {ephes kee,} can here only mean, "to the end that," being equivalent to the French {afin que.}

· akan memberkati ..... memberkati(TB)/memberkati(TL) <01288> [greatly bless.]


akan memberkati

Ul 28:8



dan melakukan

Kel 15:26; [Lihat FULL. Kel 15:26]; Ul 7:12; 28:1 [Semua]

15:6 · memberi pinjaman .......... meminta pinjaman(TB)/pinjam .......... pinjam(TL) <05670> [thou shalt lend.]

· menguasai ........ menguasai(TB)/memerintahkan ......... memerintahkan(TL) <04910> [thou shalt reign.]


menguasai engkau.

Ul 28:12-13,44 [Semua]

15:7 · miskin ............................. miskin(TB)/miskin ................................. miskin(TL) <034> [there be.]

Lest the preceding law might render the Israelites cautious in lending to the poor, Moses here warns them against being led by so mean a principle; but to lend liberally, and God would reward them.

· menegarkan(TB)/keras(TL) <0553> [thou shalt.]


seorang miskin,

Ul 15:11; Mat 26:11 [Semua]

menggenggam tangan

1Yoh 3:17

Catatan Frasa: SEORANG MISKIN.


membuka tangan

Mat 5:42; Luk 6:34; Kis 24:17; [Lihat FULL. Kis 24:17] [Semua]

15:9 · Hati-hatilah(TB)/Peliharakanlah(TL) <08104> [Beware.]

· pikiran(TB/TL) <01697> [thought, etc. Heb. word with thine heart of Belial. thine eye.]

· berseru(TB/TL) <07121> [he cry.]

· dosa(TB/TL) <02399> [sin unto thee.]


penghapusan hutang,

Ul 15:1

menjadi kesal

Mat 20:15

menjadi dosa

Kel 22:23; [Lihat FULL. Kel 22:23]; Ayub 5:15; [Lihat FULL. Ayub 5:15]; Yak 5:4 [Semua]

15:10 · hatimu(TB/TL) <03824> [thine heart.]

· karena(TB)/sebab(TL) <01558> [because.]


janganlah hatimu

2Kor 9:5

akan memberkati

Ul 14:29; [Lihat FULL. Ul 14:29]

15:11 · miskin ............................ miskin(TB)/orang miskin ............................... kepapaannya(TL) <034> [the poor.]

Although Moses, by the statutes relative to the division of the land, and inheritance, and the inalienable nature of it, had studied to prevent any Israelite from being born poor, yet he exhorts them to the exercise of the tenderest compassion and most benevolent actions; and not to refuse assistance to the decayed Israelite, though the sabbatical year drew nigh.

· membuka(TB)/membukakan(TL) <06605> [Thou shalt.]


orang-orang miskin

Ul 15:7; [Lihat FULL. Ul 15:7]

di negerimu.

Mat 26:11; Mr 14:7; Yoh 12:8 [Semua]



Judul : Memerdekakan budak Ibrani

Perikop : Ul 15:12-18


Kel 21:2-6 dengan Ul 15:12-18


Im 25:38-55 untuk Ul 15:12-18

harus melepaskan

Yer 34:14


This is a most humane and merciful addition to the law in Ex 21:2-11; enforced upon the Israelites by the consideration of their Egyptian bondage. As a faithful servant has made no property for himself while honestly serving his master, so now, when he quits his service, he has nothing to begin the world with except what the kindness of his master may bestow upon him as a remuneration for his zeal and fidelity. Though what was to be bestowed upon servants is not fixed, yet they were to be liberally supplied. (ver. 14.)



15:14 · TUHAN(TB)/Tuhan(TL) <03068> [the Lord.]


tempat pengirikanmu

Bil 18:27; [Lihat FULL. Bil 18:27]



dahulu budak

Kel 13:3; Yer 34:13 [Semua]

engkau ditebus

Kel 20:2; Ul 4:34; [Lihat FULL. Ul 4:34]; Ul 9:26; [Lihat FULL. Ul 9:26]; Ul 16:12; 24:18; Yer 16:14; 23:7 [Semua]


15:17 · selama-lamanya(TB)/seumur hidupnya(TL) <05769> [for ever.]

15:18 · susah(TB)/sukar(TL) <07185> [shall not.]

· jasa(TB)/ganda(TL) <04932> [a double.]

15:19 · anak sulung .................... anak sulung ........ anak sulung(TB)/sulung .......................... sulung ....... sulung(TL) <01060> [the firstling.]

· memakai(TB)/pekerjaan(TL) <05647> [thou shalt do.]


Judul : Anak sulung ternak

Perikop : Ul 15:19-23

sulung jantan

Kel 13:2; [Lihat FULL. Kel 13:2]

kambing dombamu,

Kej 4:4; [Lihat FULL. Kej 4:4]

bagi Tuhan,

Im 27:9; [Lihat FULL. Im 27:9]

sulung dombamu.

Kel 22:30; [Lihat FULL. Kel 22:30]



akan dipilih

Im 7:15-18; [Lihat FULL. Im 7:15] s/d 18; Ul 12:5-7,17,18 [Semua]



ada cacatnya,

Kel 12:5; [Lihat FULL. Kel 12:5]

Tuhan, Allahmu.

Im 22:19-25; [Lihat FULL. Im 22:19] s/d 25; Ul 17:1; Mal 1:8,13 [Semua]

15:22 · najis(TB/TL) <02931> [the unclean.]

· kijang(TB/TL) <06643> [the roe-buck.]

{Tzevee,} in Arabic {zaby,} Chaldee and Syriac {tavya,} denotes the gazelle or antelope, so called from its stately beauty, as the word imports. In size it is smaller than the roe, of an elegant form, and it motions are light and graceful. It bounds seemingly without effort, and runs with such swiftness that few creatures can exceed it. (2 Sa 2:18.) Its fine eyes are so much celebrated as even to become a proverb; and its flesh is much esteemed for food among eastern nations, having a sweet, musky taste, which is highly agreeable to their palates. (1 Ki 4:23.) If to these circumstances we add, that they are gregarious, and common all over the East, whereas the roe is either not known at all, or else very rare in these countries, little doubt can remain that the gazelle and not the roe is intended by the original word.


daging rusa.

Ul 12:15; [Lihat FULL. Ul 12:15]



seperti air.

Kej 9:4; [Lihat FULL. Kej 9:4]; Ul 12:16; Yeh 33:25 [Semua]

TIP #19: Centang "Pencarian Tepat" pada Pencarian Universal untuk pencarian teks alkitab tanpa keluarga katanya. [SEMUA]
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