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Roma 15:18-19

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aku ... akan berani(TB)/berani(TL) <5111> [I will.]

apa yang(TB)/barang(TL) <3739> [which.]

kepada(TB) <1519> [to make.]

oleh perkataan(TB)/perkataan(TL) <3056> [by word.]


bangsa-bangsa lain

Kis 15:12; 21:19; Rom 1:5 [Semua]

kepada ketaatan,

Rom 16:26


kuasa ....... kuasa(TB)/kuasa ........ kuasa(TL) <1411> [mighty.]

oleh kuasa ...... oleh kuasa kuasa(TB)/dengan ........ dengan(TL) <1722 1411> [by the.]

Demikianlah .... dari dari(TB)/sehingga(TL) <5620 575> [so that.]

Ilirikum(TB/TL) <2437> [Illyricum.]

Illyricum, or Illyria, was a country of Europe, lying N. and N. W. of Macedonia, on the eastern coast of the Adriatic gulf, opposite Italy. It was distinguished into two parts; Liburnia north, now Croatia; and Dalmatia south, still retaining the same name. The account of Paul's second visit to the peninsula of Greece, Ac 20:1, 2, says Dr. Paley, leads us to suppose that, in going over Macedonia, he had passed so far to the west, as to come into those parts of the country which were contiguous to Illyricum, if he did not enter Illyricum itself. The history and the Epistle therefore so far agree; and the agreement is much strengthened by a coincidence of time; for much before the time when this epistle was written, he could not have said so, as his route, in his former journey, confined him to the eastern side of the peninsula, a considerable distance from Illyricum.

telah memberitakan sepenuhnya(TB) <4137> [fully.]


dan mujizat-mujizat

Yoh 4:48; [Lihat FULL. Yoh 4:48]; Kis 19:11 [Semua]

kuasa Roh.

Rom 15:13; [Lihat FULL. Rom 15:13]

dari Yerusalem

Kis 22:17-21 [Semua]

Injil Kristus.

2Kor 2:12; [Lihat FULL. 2Kor 2:12]

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