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Keluaran 33:18-23

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kiranya kemuliaan-Mu

Kel 16:7; [Lihat FULL. Kel 16:7]; Yoh 1:14; 12:41; 1Tim 6:16; Wahy 15:8 [Semua]


kegemilangan-Ku(TB)/kebajikan-Ku(TL) <02898> [all my goodness.]

menyerukan(TB)/menyebut(TL) <07121> [proclaim.]

karunia ...... kasih karunia ... mengasihani(TB)/mengasihankan .... Kukasihankanlah(TL) <02603> [I will be.]


akan melewatkan

1Raj 19:11

menyerukan nama

Kel 6:2; 34:5-7 [Semua]

yang Kukasihani.

Rom 9:15%&


tahan memandang ... memandang ...... memandang ... memandang(TB)/boleh(TL) <03201 07200> [Thou canst not.]

This is well explained by Rabbi Jehudah, in Sepher Cosri, (P. iv.  3.) "Of that divine glory mentioned in the Scripture, there is one degree which the eyes of the prophets were able to explore; another which all the Israelites saw, as the cloud and consuming fire; the third is so bright, and so dazzling, that no mortal is able to comprehend it; but should anyone venture to look on it, his whole frame would be dissolved." In such inconceivable splendour is the Divine Majesty revealed to the inhabitants of the celestial world, where he is said to "dwell in the light which no man can approach unto." (1 Ti 6:16.) By the "face of God," therefore, we are to understand that light inaccessible before which angels may stand, but which would be so insufferable to mortal eyes, that no man could see it and live.


yang memandang

Kej 16:13; [Lihat FULL. Kej 16:13]; Kel 3:6; [Lihat FULL. Kel 3:6]; Ul 5:26; [Lihat FULL. Ul 5:26]; Yoh 1:18; [Lihat FULL. Yoh 1:18] [Semua]


suatu tempat .... mana .... berdiri ....... berdiri(TB)/tempat(TL) <04725 05324> [place by.]


lekuk(TB)/celah(TL) <05366> [in a clift.]

menudungi .... tangan-Ku ..... tangan-Ku(TB)/menudungi(TL) <05526 03709> [cover thee.]

The rock on which Moses stood, and in the clift of which he was sheltered, was doubtless an emblem of Christ; in whose person, character, and salvation alone, sinners may by faith see the glory of God, and live; for there it appears in softened splendour; as the sun, when his brightness is diminished by a mist, is beheld more distinctly by the human eye.--Scott


dalam lekuk

Kej 49:24; 1Raj 19:9; Mazm 27:5; 31:21; 62:8; 91:1; Yes 2:21; Yer 4:29 [Semua]

dengan tangan-Ku,

Mazm 91:4; Yes 49:2; 51:16 [Semua]


melihat ....... kelihatan(TB)/melihat ......... dipandang(TL) <07200> [thou shalt.]

TIP #19: Centang "Pencarian Tepat" pada Pencarian Universal untuk pencarian teks alkitab tanpa keluarga katanya. [SEMUA]
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