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Daftar Isi
GREEK: 2333 yeudav Theudas



Strongs #2333: yeudav Theudas

Theudas = "God-given"

1) the name of an insurgent mentioned in Gamaliel's speech before the
Jewish council, Ac 5:35-39, at the time of the arraignment of
the apostles. He appeared, according to Luke's account, at the
head of about four hundred men. He was probably one of the
insurrectionary chiefs or fanatics by whom the land was overrun in
the last year of Herod's reign. Josephus speaks of a Theudas who
played a similar part at the time of Claudius, about A.D. 44; but
the Theudas mentioned by Luke must be a different person from the
one spoken of by Josephus.

2333 Theudas thyoo-das'

of uncertain origin; Theudas, an Israelite: KJV -- Theudas.


Strongs #2333:

a [maskulin] Teudas (Kis 5.36)

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