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1 Tawarikh 19:1-19

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Nahas(TB/TL) <05176> [Nahash.]


Judul : Daud mengalahkan orang Amon

Perikop : 1Taw 19:1-19


2Sam 10:1-19 dengan 1Taw 19:1-19

bani Amon,

Kej 19:38; [Lihat FULL. Kej 19:38]; Hak 10:17-11:33; 2Taw 20:1-2; Zef 2:8-11 [Semua]


menunjukkan .......... menunjukkan(TB)/berbuat ........... berbuat(TL) <06213> [I will shew.]

bin .............................. bani(TB/TL) <01121> [the children.]


pemuka-pemuka(TB)/penghulu(TL) <08269> [but the princes.]

Daud ... Daud(TB)/pemandangan .... Daud(TL) <05869 01732> [Thinkest thou that David. Heb. In thine eyes doth David.]

menyelidik(TB/TL) <02713> [to search.]


untuk mengintai

Bil 21:32; [Lihat FULL. Bil 21:32]


Lalu ...... Daud .... Daud(TB)/diambil ...... Daud(TL) <03947 01732> [took David's.]

mencukur .... memotong(TB)/dicukurnya(TL) <01548 03772> [shaved them.]

memotong(TB) <03772> [and cut.]

disuruhnya .... pergi(TL) <07971> [sent them.]


Daud ... Daud(TB)/memaklumkan Daud(TL) <01732 05046> [and told David.]

Yerikho(TB/TL) <03405> [at Jericho.]

janggutmu(TB/TL) <02206> [your beards.]


dibenci(TB)/dibusukkannya(TL) <0887> [had made.]

dibenci(TB)/dibusukkannya(TL) <0887> [odious. Heb. to stink.]

seribu(TB/TL) <0505> [a thousand.]

Aram-Maakha(TB)/Syam-Maakha(TL) <0758> [Syria-maachah.]

Aram-Zoba(TB)/Zoba(TL) <06678> [Zobah.]


dirinya dibenci

Kej 34:30; [Lihat FULL. Kej 34:30]

dari Aram-Zoba.

1Taw 18:3; [Lihat FULL. 1Taw 18:3]


menyewa(TB)/mengupah(TL) <07936> [hired.]

tiga(TB)/tiga puluh(TL) <07970> [thirty.]

Thirty-two thousand soldiers, exclusive of the thousand send by the Maachah, are mentioned in the parallel passage (2 Sa 10:6;) but of chariots or cavalry there is no mention; and the number of chariots stated here is prodigious, and beyond all credibility. But as the word {raichev} denotes not only a chariot, but a rider, (see Isa 21:7,) it ought most probably to be rendered here, in a collective sense, cavalry; and then the number of troops will exactly agree with the passage in Samuel. It is probable that they were a kind of auxiliary troops who were usually mounted on horses, or in chariots, but who occasionally served as foot-soldiers.

raja ... Maakha ...... Maakha(TB)/raja Maakha(TL) <04601 04428> [the king of Maachah.]

This variation exists only in the translation, the original being the same in both places, {melech m„achah,} "the king of Maachah."

raja(TB/TL) <04428> [king Maachah. Medeba.]


dekat Medeba.

Bil 21:30; [Lihat FULL. Bil 21:30]


Yoab(TB/TL) <03097> [Joab.]


perangnya(TB)/perang(TL) <04421> [put the battle.]

raja-raja(TB/TL) <04428> [the kings.]


Yoab(TB/TL) <03097> [when Joab.]

mengancam(TB)/peperangan(TL) <04421> [battle. Heb. face of the battle. set against.]

dipilihnyalah(TB)/diambilnya(TL) <0977> [choice. or, young men.]


Abisai(TB/TL) <052> [Abishai. Heb. Abshai.]

The variation of ['AbŒyshay <\\See definition 052\\>,] Abishai, and ['Abshay <\\See definition 052\\>,] Abshai, is simply caused by the elision of [Y“wd,] {yood,} which is by no means uncommon.

mengatur(TB)/dihadapkannya(TL) <06186> [and they set.]



pimpinan Abisai,

1Sam 26:6; [Lihat FULL. 1Sam 26:6]


Aram(TB)/Syam(TL) <0758> [If the Syrians.]


Kuatkanlah hatimu ..... menguatkan hati(TB)/Sahaja hendaklah ....... memberanikan(TL) <02388> [of good.]

Kuatkanlah hatimu ..... menguatkan hati(TB)/Sahaja hendaklah ....... memberanikan(TL) <02388> [let us behave, etc.]

In Samuel, "let us play the men;" but the original is the same in both places, {nithchazzak}.

TUHAN(TB)/Tuhan(TL) <03068> [let the Lord.]


melarikan(TB)/larilah(TL) <05127> [they fled.]


melarikan ..... larilah(TB)/lari ..... larilah(TL) <05127> [they likewise.]


menyuruh(TB)/mengerahkan(TL) <03318> [A.M. 2968. B.C. 1036. An. Ex. Is. 455. and drew.]

Efrat(TB)/sungai(TL) <05104> [river. that is, Euphrates. Shophach.]

This variation arises from the permutation of [Bˆyth,] {baith,} and [Pˆ,] {pay;} being written in the parallel passage [Sh“wbƒk <\\See definition 07731\\>,] Shobach, and here [Sh“wphƒk <\\See definition 07780\\>,] Shophach.



diaturnya barisannya ...... mengatur barisannya(TB)/diaturkannya ikatan perang ....... dihadapkan(TL) <06186> [upon them.]

Instead of {alaihem,} "upon them," it is in 2 Sa 10:17 {chelamah,} "to Helam:" the one seems evidently to be a mistake for the other.

diaturnya barisannya ...... mengatur barisannya(TB)/diaturkannya ikatan perang ....... dihadapkan(TL) <06186> [and set.]


orang Israel,

1Taw 9:1; [Lihat FULL. 1Taw 9:1]


lari ... hadapan ... Israel(TB)/larilah ...... hadapan ... Israel(TL) <05127 06440 03478> [fled before Israel.]

tujuh ribu ribu ....... ribu ribu(TB)/tujuh ribu ........ ribu(TL) <07651 0505> [seven thousand.]

In the parallel passage, "the men of seven hundred chariots;" which difference probably arose from mistaking [N–wn,] {noon final}, which stands for 700, for [Zayin,] {zayin,} with a dot above, which denotes 7,000, or vice versa: the great similarity of these letters might easily cause the one to be mistaken for the other.

orang(TB/TL) <0376> [footmen.]

If these troops were as we have suppose, a kind of dismounted cavalry, the terms footmen and horsemen might be indifferently applied to them.



orang-orang ... takluk(TB)/hamba(TL) <05650> [the servants.]

mau(TB)/seganlah(TL) <014> [would.]

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