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Yehezkiel 46:1-8

TSK Full Life Study Bible


firman(TB/TL) <0559> [Thus saith.]

Whether the rules for public worship here laid down were designed to be observed in those things wherein they differed from the law of Moses, in the ministrations of the second temple, is not certain. In the latter history of the Jewish church, the law of Moses only was followed, except in the corruption of following the traditions of the fathers.

Pintu gerbang(TB)/pintu(TL) <08179> [The gate.]

The prophet had before observed that the east gate of the outer court was shut, and was told that it must only be opened for the prince; and now he is informed that the gate of the inner court on the east was also shut, and is to be opened only on the sabbath and new moons, till the evening.

tertutup(TB)/terkatup(TL) <05462> [shall be shut.]

enam ... pekerjaan(TB/TL) <04639 08337> [six working.]

Sabat(TB)/sabat(TL) <07676> [on the sabbath.]


gerbang pelataran

Yeh 40:19; [Lihat FULL. Yeh 40:19]

sebelah timur

1Taw 9:18; [Lihat FULL. 1Taw 9:18]

bulan baru

Yeh 46:6; Yes 66:23 [Semua]

Catatan Frasa: HARI SABAT ... BULAN BARU.


balai(TB)/rambat(TL) <0197> [the porch.]

tiang(TB)/jenang(TL) <04201> [by the post.]

imam-imam(TB)/imam(TL) <03548> [the priests.]

mengolah(TB) <06213> [prepare.]

Or, "offer," as the word {Æ’sah} frequently denotes. The whole of this seems to intimate the constant, reverential, and exemplary attendance of kings on the pure ordinances of religion, in the approaching flourishing days of the church.

menyembah(TB)/meminta(TL) <07812> [he shall worship.]

gerbang ....... pintu gerbang ...................... pintu gerbang ....... pintu gerbang(TB)/pintu ............ pintu .................... pintu ....... pintu(TL) <08179> [but the gate.]


melalui balai

Yeh 46:8

korban bakaran

Yeh 40:39

sampai petang

Yeh 46:12; Yeh 44:3; [Lihat FULL. Yeh 44:3] [Semua]



pintu gerbang

Luk 1:10

hari Sabat

Yes 66:23; [Lihat FULL. Yes 66:23]


bakaran(TB)/korban bakaran(TL) <05930> [the burnt.]

The proportions of the burnt offerings, and also of the meat and drink offerings, are very different here form those prescribed in the Mosaic law. The meat offering, under the law, was only three tenths of an {ephah} to a bullock, two tenths for a ram, and one tenth for a lamb, with the fourth part of a {hin} of oil.


Korban sajian ............ korban sajian(TB)/makanan ................ makanan(TL) <04503> [the meat.]

sekadar ... kemampuannya(TB)/sekadar tangannya(TL) <03027 04991> [as he shall be able to give. Heb. the gift of his hand.]


satu efa.

Yeh 46:11


bulan baru

Yeh 46:1; Bil 10:10; [Lihat FULL. Bil 10:10] [Semua]

tiada bercela.

Im 22:20; [Lihat FULL. Im 22:20]


satu efa.

Yeh 45:24


masuk ...... masuk ...... keluar(TB)/apabila .... masuk .... datang .......... keluar(TL) <0935 03318> [he shall go.]


melalui balai

Yeh 46:2

dari situ

Yeh 44:3

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