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1 Tawarikh 27

TSK Full Life Study Bible

27:1 · kepala puak ....... bangsanya(TB)/kepala ... bangsanya(TL) <01 07218> [the chief fathers.]

The patriarchs, chief generals, or generals of brigade. This enumeration is widely different from that of the preceding. In that, we have the order and course of the priests and Levites, in their ecclesiastical ministrations: in this, we have the account of the order of the civil service, what related simply to the political state of the king and kingdom. Twenty-four persons, chosen out of David's worthies, each of whom had a second, were placed over 24,000 men, who all served a month at a time, in turn; and this was the whole of their service during the year, after which they attended to their own affairs. Thus the king had always on foot a regular force of 24,000, who served without expense to him or the state, and were not oppressed by the service, which took up only a twelfth part of their time; and by this plan he could, at any time, bring into the field 12 times 24,000 or 288,000 fighting men, independently of the 12,000 officers, which made in the whole an effective force of 300,000 soldiers; and all these men were prepared, disciplined, and ready at a call, without the smallest expense to the state or the king. These were, properly speaking, the militia of the Israelitish kingdom.

· panglima(TB)/penghulu(TL) <08269> [captains.]

· melayani(TB) <08334> [served.]

· hal(TB)/pekerjaan(TL) <01697> [any matter.]

· bulan demi bulan(TB)/tiap-tiap bulan ..... bulan(TL) <02320> [month.]


Judul : Panglima-panglima tentara

Perikop : 1Taw 27:1-15

27:2 · Yasobam(TB/TL) <03434> [Jashobeam.]

· [Adino the Eznite.]


ialah Yasobam

2Sam 23:8

27:3 · Peres(TB)/Paris(TL) <06557> [Perez.]

· [Pharez. the chief.]

27:4 · Dodai(TB/TL) <01737> [Dodai.]

· [Dodo.]


ialah Dodai,

2Sam 23:9; [Lihat FULL. 2Sam 23:9]

27:5 · Benaya(TB/TL) <01141> [Benaiah.]

Or, "Benaiah, the son of Jehoiada the chief priest:" it was Jehoiada, and not Benaiah, who was a priest.

· imam imam(TB)/imam besar(TL) <03548 07218> [chief priest. or, principal officer.]


ialah Benaya,

2Sam 23:20; [Lihat FULL. 2Sam 23:20]

27:6 · pahlawan(TB)/perkasa(TL) <01368> [mighty.]

27:7 · Asael(TB)/Asahel(TL) <06214> [Asahel.]


ialah Asael,

2Sam 2:18; [Lihat FULL. 2Sam 2:18]

27:8 · Samhut(TB/TL) <08049> [Shamhuth.]

If this person was the same as Shammoth the Hararite, or Shammah the Harodite, it is probable that he took the denomination Izrahite, from one of his progenitors of the name Izrah, and derived the other from the place of his residence.

· [Shammoth the Hararite.]

· [Shammah the Harodite.]


ialah Samhut

1Taw 11:27

27:9 · Ira(TB/TL) <05896> [Ira.]


ialah Ira

2Sam 23:26

27:10 · Heles(TB)/Helez(TL) <02503> [Helez.]

· Peloni(TB/TL) <06397> [Pelonite.]

· [Paltite.]


ialah Heles,

2Sam 23:26

27:11 · Sibkhai(TB)/Sibekhai(TL) <05444> [Sibbecai.]

· Zerah(TB)/Zerahi(TL) <02227> [Zarhites.]


ialah Sibkhai,

2Sam 21:18

27:12 · Anatot(TB)/Anatoti(TL) <06069> [Anetothite.]

· [Antothite.]

· [Anethothite.]


ialah Abiezer,

2Sam 23:27

27:13 · Maharai(TB/TL) <04121> [Maharai.]

· Zerah(TB)/Zerahi(TL) <02227> [Zarhites.]


ialah Maharai,

2Sam 23:28

27:14 · Benaya(TB/TL) <01141> [Benaiah.]


ialah Benaya,

1Taw 11:31; [Lihat FULL. 1Taw 11:31]

27:15 · Heldai(TB)/Hildai(TL) <02469> [Heldai.]

· [Heled.]

· [Heleb. Othniel.]


ialah Heldai,

2Sam 23:39

keturunan Otniel,

Yos 15:17; [Lihat FULL. Yos 15:17]

27:16 · suku-suku(TB)/suku(TL) <07626> [Furthermore.]

These persons, called "princes of the tribes," in ver. 22, and ch. 28:1, appear to have been civil rulers over their several tribes, and honorary men, without pay, not unlike the lords lieutenants of our counties. In this enumeration there is no mention of the tribes of Gad and Asher, probably because they were joined to the neighbouring tribes; or perhaps, the account of these has been lost from the register.


Judul : Pembesar-pembesar lainnya

Perikop : 1Taw 27:16-34

27:17 · Hasabya(TB/TL) <02811> [Hashabiah.]

· Harun(TB)/Haruni(TL) <0175> [of the Aaronites.]


ialah Hasabya

1Taw 26:29

ialah Zadok;

2Sam 8:17; [Lihat FULL. 2Sam 8:17]; 1Taw 12:28; [Lihat FULL. 1Taw 12:28] [Semua]

27:18 · Elihu(TB/TL) <0453> [Elihu.]

If Elihu be not a mistake for Eliab, it is probable that he was called by both names.

· [Eliab.]

27:21 · Yido(TB/TL) <03035> [Iddo.]

· Abner(TB/TL) <074> [Abner.]

27:23 · Daud ... menghitung(TB)/pernah Daud(TL) <05375 01732> [David took not.]

It seems probable, from this passage, that Joab began, by David's order, to number the children, as well as adults, but was prevented from finishing the account, probably because the plague had begun. The numbering of the effective men might have been deemed a political expedient; but pride and ostentation alone could dictate the numbering of minors and infants, especially as God had pronounced the seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, innumerable.

· puluh(TB/TL) <06242> [from twenty.]

· menjanjikan ... membuat .... sebanyak(TB)/bahwa diperbanyakkannya(TL) <07235> [he would increase.]


ke bawah,

2Sam 24:1; 1Taw 21:2-5 [Semua]

sebanyak bintang-bintang

Kej 12:2; [Lihat FULL. Kej 12:2]

27:24 · mulai membilang(TB/TL) <02490 04487> [began to number.]

· jumlah disuratkan ... dibukukan(TB)/bilangan .... disuratkan(TL) <05927 04557> [was the number put. Heb. ascended the number.]


hal itu

2Sam 24:15; 1Taw 21:14 [Semua]

27:25 · raja(TB)/baginda(TL) <04428> [the king's.]

· persediaan .......... persediaan(TB)/perbendaharaan .......... perbendaharaan(TL) <0214> [the storehouses.]

27:27 · kebun-kebun anggur ......... kebun anggur(TB)/kebun anggur .......... kebun anggur(TL) <03754> [the increase of the vineyards. Heb. that which was of the vineyards.]

27:28 · zaitun .............. persediaan(TB)/pokok zait .................. gudang(TL) <02132 0214> [And over.]

· [the sycamore trees.]

The Hebrew {shikmin,} Syriac {shekmo,} and Arabic {jummeez,} is the [sykomoros,] or sycomore, of the Greeks, so called from [sykos,] a fig-tree, and [moros] a mulberry- tree, because it resembles the latter in its leaves, and the former in its fruits. "The sycamore," says Mr. Norden, "is of the height of a beech, and bears its fruit in a manner quite different from other trees: it has them on the trunk itself, which shoots out little sprigs, in form of grape stalks, at the end of which grow the fruit close to one another, almost like a cluster of grapes. The tree is always green, and bears fruit several times in the year, without observing any certain seasons; for I have seen some sycamores that have given fruit two months after others. The fruit has the figure and smell of real figs, but is inferior to them in the taste, having a disgusting sweetness. Its colour is a yellow, inclining to an ochre, shadowed by a flesh colour. In the inside it resembles the common figs, excepting that it has a blackish colouring with yellow spots. This sort of tree is pretty common in Egypt; the people, for the greater part, live on its fruit, and think themselves well regaled when they have a piece of bread, a couple of sycamore figs, and a pitcher of water."


pohon-pohon ara

1Raj 10:27; [Lihat FULL. 1Raj 10:27]

27:29 · Saron(TB/TL) <08289> [Sharon.]


tanah Saron

Kid 2:1; Yes 33:9; 35:2; 65:10 [Semua]

27:30 · unta-unta(TB)/unta(TL) <01581> [the camels.]

· Ismael(TB)/Ismaeli(TL) <03459> [the Ishmaelite.]


orang Hagri.

1Taw 5:10; [Lihat FULL. 1Taw 5:10]

27:32 · saudara(TB)/mamanda(TL) <01730> [uncle.]

· [nephew. scribe.or, secretary.]

· bin Hakhmoni Hakhmoni anak-anak(TB)/bin Hakhmoni ..... putera(TL) <02453 01121> [son of Hachmoni. <\\See definition 02453\\>.]

· [or, Hachmonite.]

27:33 · Ahitofel(TB)/Akhitofel(TL) <0302> [Ahithophel.]

· Husai(TB/TL) <02365> [Hushai.]

· sahabat(TB)/sobat(TL) <07453> [companion.]



2Sam 15:12


2Sam 15:37

27:34 · Abyatar(TB/TL) <054> [Abiathar.]

· Panglima(TB)/panglima(TL) <08269> [the general.]


dan Abyatar.

1Sam 22:20; [Lihat FULL. 1Sam 22:20]

ialah Yoab.

2Sam 2:13; [Lihat FULL. 2Sam 2:13]

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