hagion <39>

agion hagion

Asal Mula:neuter of 40
Jenis Kata:adj (adjective)
Dalam Yunani:agia 6, agion 3, agiwn 4
Dalam TB:tempat kudus 6, tempat yang kudus 3, tempat yang maha kudus 2, Kudus 1
Dalam AV:sanctuary 4, holy place 3, holiest of all 3, holinest 1
Definisi : 1) reverend, worthy of veneration
1a) of things which on account of some connection with God
possess a certain distinction and claim to reverence, as
places sacred to God which are not to be profaned
1b) of persons whose services God employs, for example, apostles
2) set apart for God, to be as it were, exclusively his
3) services and offerings
3a) prepared for God with solemn rite, pure, clean
4) in a moral sense, pure sinless upright holy

neuter of 40; a sacred thing (i.e. spot): KJV -- holiest (of all), holy place, sanctuary.
see GREEK for 40
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