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Asal Mula:a primary verb (in a strengthened form)
Referensi:TDNT - 8:260,1195
Jenis Kata:v (verb)
Dalam Yunani:etupten 1, etupton 3, tuptein 4, tuptesyai 1, tuptontev 3, tuptonti 1
Dalam TB:memukul 4, menampar 3, melukai 1, ia memukul 1, memukulkannya 1, sambil memukul-mukul 1, untuk menampar 1, memukulinya 1
Dalam AV:smite 9, beat 3, strike 1, wound 1
Definisi : memukul, menghantam, meninju; melukai (hati nurani)
memukul, menampar, melukai hati
1) to strike, beat, smite
1a) with a staff, a whip, the fist, the hand
1b) of mourners, to smite their breast
2) to smite one on whom he inflicts punitive evil
3) to smite
3a) metaph. i.e. to wound, disquiet one's conscience

a primary verb (in a strengthened form); to "thump", i.e. cudgel or pummel (properly, with a stick or bastinado), but in any case by repeated blows; thus differing from 3817 and 3960, which denote a (usually single) blow with the hand or any instrument, or 4141 with the fist (or a hammer), or 4474 with the palm; as well as from 5177, an accidental collision); by implication, to punish; figuratively, to offend (the conscience): KJV -- beat, smite, strike, wound.
see GREEK for 3817
see GREEK for 3960
see GREEK for 4141
see GREEK for 4474
see GREEK for 5177
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