dianoigo <1272>

dianoigw dianoigo

Asal Mula:from 1223 and 455
Jenis Kata:v (verb)
Dalam Yunani:dianoicyhti 1, dianoigon 1, dianoigwn 1, dihnoicyhsan 1, dihnoigen 1, dihnoigmenouv 1, dihnoixen 2
Dalam TB:Ia menerangkan 1, Ia membuka 1, Terbukalah 1, membuka 1, terbuka 1, menerangkannya 1, terbukalah 1
Dalam AV:open 8
Definisi : (aorist pasif dihnoicyhn) membukakan (bnd d. metran Luk 2.23); menerangkan (Kis 17.13)
1) to open by dividing or drawing asunder, to open thoroughly
(what had been closed)
1a) a male opening the womb (the closed matrix), i.e. the first-born
1b) of the eyes and the ears
1c) to open the mind of one, i.e. to cause to understand a thing
1c1) to open one's soul, i.e. to rouse in one the faculty of
understanding or the desire of learning

from 1223 and 455; to open thoroughly, literally (as a first-born) or figuratively (to expound): KJV -- open.
see GREEK for 1223
see GREEK for 455
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