TB NETBible YUN-IBR Ref. Silang Nama Gambar Himne

Ulangan 1:41-46

TSK Full Life Study Bible


dosa(TB)/berdosa(TL) <02398> [We have sinned.]


maju(TB)/naik(TL) <05927> [Go not up.]

tengah-tengahmu(TB)/tengah-tengah(TL) <07130> [for I am not.]


oleh musuhmu.

Bil 14:41-43; [Lihat FULL. Bil 14:41] s/d 43 [Semua]


menentang(TB)/durhakalah(TL) <04784> [but rebelled.]

berani ... maju(TB)/sombongmu ... mendaki(TL) <02102 05927> [went presumptuously up. Heb. ye were presumptuous and went up.]


mengejar .... lebah ... lebah(TB)/dikejarnya(TL) <07291 01682> [chased you.]

When bees are provoked or disturbed, the whole swarm attack and pursue whatever annoys them, with great courage and fury, and sometimes are a most formidable enemy. They were so troublesome in some districts of Crete, that, according to Pliny, the inhabitants were actually compelled to forsake their homes. ’lian reports, that some places in Scythia were formerly inaccessible on account of the numerous swarms of bees with which they were infested. Mr. Park relates, that some of his associates imprudently attempted to rob a numerous hive which they found in their way. The exasperated little animals rushed out to defend their property, and attacked them with so much fury, that they quickly compelled the whole company of men, horses, and asses, to scamper off in all directions, The horses were never recovered, and a number of the asses were so severely stung, that they died the next day.

Horma(TB/TL) <02767> [unto Hormah.]


seperti lebah

Mazm 118:12

dari Seir

Bil 24:18; [Lihat FULL. Bil 24:18]

sampai Horma.

Bil 14:45; [Lihat FULL. Bil 14:45]



hadapan Tuhan;

Bil 14:1; [Lihat FULL. Bil 14:1]

tidak mendengarkan

Ayub 27:9; 35:13; Mazm 18:42; 66:18; Ams 1:28; Yes 1:15; Yer 14:12; Rat 3:8; Mi 3:4; Yoh 9:31; [Lihat FULL. Yoh 9:31] [Semua]

memberi telinga

Mazm 28:1; 39:13; Ams 28:9 [Semua]




Bil 20:1; [Lihat FULL. Bil 20:1]

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