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Ulangan 21:1-9

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Judul : Pendamaian karena pembunuhan oleh seorang yang tak dikenal

Perikop : Ul 21:1-9

yang membunuhnya,

Bil 25:17; [Lihat FULL. Bil 25:17]



lembu betina(TB)/lembu(TL) <01241> [an.]


dengan kuk.

Bil 19:2; [Lihat FULL. Bil 19:2]


lembah anak sungai berair ............. lembah ............ anak sungai(TB)/anak sungai .... mengalir airnya ..................... anak sungai(TL) <05158 0386> [a rough valley.]

As the word {nachal} signifies both a torrent, and the valley or glen through which it flows, {nachal aithan} may be rendered a rapid torrent. Many torrents in Judea are dry during a great part of the year; when not only their banks but their beds may be ploughed, and yield a crop. Hence there is no impropriety in specifying that such a place should be one that "is neither cared nor sown;" while the circumstance that the elders were to wash their hands over the heifer, whose head had been struck off into the stream, confirms this interpretation. The spot of ground where this sacrifice was made must be uncultivated, because it was considered as a sacrifice for the atonement of murder, and, consequently, would pollute the land.

mematahkan(TB)/menyembelihkan(TL) <06202> [shall strike.]


TUHAN ............ TUHAN(TB)/Tuhan ................. Tuhan(TL) <03068> [for them.]

putusan(TB)/hukum(TL) <06310> [by their word.]

putusan(TB)/hukum(TL) <06310> [word. Heb. mouth.]


memberi berkat

Kej 48:20; [Lihat FULL. Kej 48:20]; Kel 39:43; [Lihat FULL. Kel 39:43] [Semua]

hal luka-melukai

Ul 17:8-11 [Semua]


tangannya membasuh tangannya(TB)/membasuhkan tangannya(TL) <03027 07364> [wash their hands.]

Washing the hands was anciently a symbolical action, denoting that the person was innocent of the crime in question.


membasuh tangannya

Mat 27:24



timpakan ...... bersalah bersalah(TB)/Kautanggungkan(TL) <05414 05355> [lay not.]

umat-Mu .................. umat-Mu(TB/TL) <05971> [unto thy people. Heb. in the midst.]


diadakan pendamaian

Bil 35:33-34 [Semua]


menghapuskan(TB/TL) <01197> [shalt thou.]

melakukan(TB)/berbuat(TL) <06213> [when thou shalt.]


harus menghapuskan

Ul 19:13

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