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Hakim-hakim 1:3-20

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Simeon ................................... Simeon(TB)/Simeon ....................... Simeonpun(TL) <08095> [Simeon.]

Lalu ... maju(TB)/biarlah kita ..... maka .... berjalan ........ berjalanlah(TL) <01980> [I likewise.]


Lalu Simeon

Hak 1:17


TUHAN(TB)/Tuhan(TL) <03068> [Lord.]

Bezek(TB/TL) <0966> [Bezek.]

Eusebius and Jerome mention two villages of this name, near each other, about seventeen miles from Shechem, towards Scythopolis.


orang Feris

Kej 13:7; [Lihat FULL. Kej 13:7]; Yos 3:10; [Lihat FULL. Yos 3:10] [Semua]

dekat Bezek,

1Sam 11:8


menjumpai Adoni-Bezek

Hak 1:6,7 [Semua]




ibu jari(TB/TL) <0931> [their thumbs. Heb. the thumbs of their hands and of their feet.]

This was not an unusual act of cruelty in ancient times towards enemies.--’lian informs us, that in after ages "the Athenians, at the instigation of Cleon, son of Cleoenetus, made a decree that all the inhabitants of the island of ’gina should have the thumb cut off from the right hand, so that they might ever after be disabled from holding a spear, yet might handle an oar." It was a custom among those Romans who did not like a military life, to cut off their thumbs, that they might be incapable of serving in the army; and for the same reason, parents sometimes cut off the thumbs of their children.

memungut(TB/TL) <03950> [gathered. or, gleaned. as I have.]


demikianlah dibalaskan

Im 24:19; Yer 25:12 [Semua]

ke Yerusalem

Yos 10:1; [Lihat FULL. Yos 10:1]



melawan Yerusalem,

Hak 1:21; Yos 15:63; 2Sam 5:6 [Semua]


Kemudian(TB)/Setelah(TL) <0310> [afterward.]

Bukit(TB)/lembah-lembah(TL) <08219> [valley. or, low country.]


di pegunungan,

Bil 13:17; [Lihat FULL. Bil 13:17]

Tanah Negeb

Kej 12:9; [Lihat FULL. Kej 12:9]; Bil 21:1; [Lihat FULL. Bil 21:1]; Yes 30:6 [Semua]


Kiryat-Arba(TB/TL) <07153> [Kirjath-arba.]

Sesai(TB/TL) <08344> [Sheshai.]


di Hebron

Kej 13:18; [Lihat FULL. Kej 13:18]

adalah Kiryat-Arba

Kej 35:27; [Lihat FULL. Kej 35:27]

dan Talmai.

Hak 1:20; Bil 13:22; [Lihat FULL. Bil 13:22]; Yos 15:14 [Semua]


Debir ... Debir(TB)/Debir ...... Debir(TL) <01688> [Debir.]


penduduk Debir.

Yos 10:38


Kaleb(TB/TL) <03612> [And Caleb.]

The whole of this account is found in Jos 15:13-19, and seems to be inserted here by way of recapitulation.

kuberikan(TB)/aku ... memberikan(TL) <05414> [to him.]

In ancient times fathers assumed an absolute right over their children, especially in disposing of them in marriage; and it was customary for a king or great man to promise his daughter in marriage to him who should take a city, etc.



tiba(TB)/datang(TL) <0935> [And it came.]

turunlah(TB/TL) <06795> [and she lighted.]

{Watitznach,} "she hastily or suddenly alighted," as if she had forgotten something, or was about to return.


hadiah(TB)/berkat(TL) <01293> [a blessing.]

tanah ... tanah(TB)/tanah ... kering(TL) <0776 05045> [a south land.]

Which was probably dry, or very ill watered.

Berikanlah ...... kauberikan ...... berikanlah .... mata air .... memberikan ... mata air ...... mata air(TB)/Berikan ......... memberikan ....... berikanlah .... pancaran air .... diberikanlah ..... pancaran air(TL) <05414 01543 04325 03051> [give me also springs of water.]

Let me have some fields with brooks, or wells already digged.


di hilir.

Bil 13:6; [Lihat FULL. Bil 13:6]


Hobab(TB)/Keni(TL) <07017> [the Kenite.]

Musa(TB)/Musapun(TL) <04872> [Moses.]

Tumur ..... kota ... korma(TB)/negeri(TL) <05892 08558> [city of palm.]

Negeb(TB)/selatan(TL) <05045> [which.]

<03212> [they went.]


Hobab, ipar

Bil 10:29

orang Keni

Kej 15:19; [Lihat FULL. Kej 15:19]

Pohon Korma

Ul 34:3; Hak 3:13; 2Taw 28:15 [Semua]

dekat Arad;

Bil 21:1; Yos 12:14 [Semua]


Yehuda(TB/TL) <03063> [And Judah.]


Zefat(TB/TL) <06857> [Zephath.]

[Zephathah. Hormah.]


dengan Simeon,

Hak 1:3

dinamai Horma.

Bil 14:45; [Lihat FULL. Bil 14:45]


Yehuda(TB/TL) <03063> [Also Judah.]

There is the following remarkable variation here in the Septuagint: [Kai ouk ekl‚ronom‚sen Ioudas t‚n Gazan, oude ta horia aut‚s; oude t‚n Askal¢na, oude ta horia aut‚s; kai t‚n Akkar¢n, oude ta horia aut‚s; t‚n Az¢ton, oude ta perisporia aut‚s.] "But Judah did not possess Gaza, nor the coasts thereof; nor Askelon, nor the coasts thereof; nor Ekron, nor the coasts thereof; nor Ashdod, nor the coasts thereof." Procopius and Augustine read the same; and Josephus (Ant. 1. v. c. 2) says that the Israelites only took Askelon and Ashdod, but not Gaza or Ekron; and from ch. 3:3, and the whole succeeding history, it appears that these cities were not in the possession of the Israelites, but of the Philistines.

Gaza(TB/TL) <05804> [Gaza.]

[See on]


merebut Gaza

Yos 11:22

daerahnya, Askelon

Yos 13:3; [Lihat FULL. Yos 13:3]


TUHAN(TB)/Tuhanpun(TL) <03068> [the Lord.]

menduduki ........ menghalau(TB)/diambilnya .............. dihalaukannya(TL) <03423> [he drave, etc. or he possessed the mountain. but could.]

Not because the iron chariots were too strong for Omnipotence, or because he refused to help them; but because their courage and faith failed when they saw them.

kereta-kereta(TB)/rata(TL) <07393> [chariots.]


Tuhan menyertai

Bil 14:43; [Lihat FULL. Bil 14:43]

menduduki pegunungan

Bil 13:17

kereta-kereta besi.

Yos 17:16; [Lihat FULL. Yos 17:16]


diberikan(TB)/diberikannyalah(TL) <05414> [they gave.]

anak ... anak tiga(TB)/ketiga ... anak(TL) <01121 07969> [the three sons.]


diberikan Hebron,

Yos 10:36

anak Enak

Hak 1:10; [Lihat FULL. Hak 1:10]; Yos 14:13; [Lihat FULL. Yos 14:13] [Semua]

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