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Imamat 16:7-10

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membuang undi undi ....... undi seundi ..... seundi(TB)/hendaklah .... undi ........ seundi ..... seundi(TL) <01486 05414> [cast lots.]

Azazel(TB)/dihalaukan(TL) <05799> [scape goat. Heb. Azazel, that is, the goat-gone-away.]

The Hebrew [ ] has been supposed by some to be the name of a place, either a mountain or cliff, to which the goat was led. But no place of that name has ever been pointed out, except a mountain near Sinai, which was too distant for the goat to be conducted there from Jerusalem. Other learned men think it was the name of the devil, who was worshipped by the heathen in the form of a goat. But Bp. Patrick justly objects to this opinion; for it is difficult to conceive, that when the other goat was offered to God, this should be sent among demons. The more probable opinion seems to be, that it was name given to the goat itself, on account of his being let go; from {aiz,} a goat, and {azal,} to depart. So LXX. [\~apopompaov\~,] and Vulgate {emissarius,} sent away; Aquila and Symmachus [\~tragov apercomenov\~,] or [\~apolelumenov\~:] the goat going away, or dismissed.


membuang undi

Bil 26:55,56; 33:54; 34:13; Yos 14:2; 18:6; Hak 20:9; Neh 10:34; Est 3:7; 9:24; Mazm 22:19; Ams 16:33 [Semua]

bagi Azazel.

Im 16:10,26 [Semua]


TUHAN(TB)/Tuhan(TL) <03068> [upon which.]

kena(TB/TL) <05927> [fell. Heb. went up.]


Azazel .............. Azazel(TB)/dihalaukan ................. dihalaukan(TL) <05799> [the scape-goat.]

pendamaian(TB)/gafirat(TL) <03722> [to make.]

lalu dilepaskan(TB)/dilepaskannya(TL) <07971> [let him.]


mengadakan pendamaian,

Yes 53:4-10; Rom 3:25; [Lihat FULL. Rom 3:25] [Semua]

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