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Hakim-hakim 7:1-8

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Yerubaal(TB)/Yerub-Baal(TL) <03378> [Jerubbaal.]

It appears that Jerubbaal had now become the surname of Gideon. He is mentioned by Sanchoniathon, quoted by Eusebius, who lived in the reign of Ithobal, king of Tyre, and consequently a little after the time of Gideon, by the name of Jerombalus, a priest of Jeuo or Jao.

pagi-pagi(TB)/bangunlah(TL) <07925> [rose up.]

More(TB/TL) <04176> [Moreh.]


Judul : Gideon mengalahkan orang Midian

Perikop : Hak 7:1-25

Adapun Yerubaal

Hak 6:32; [Lihat FULL. Hak 6:32]

itulah Gideon

Hak 6:11; [Lihat FULL. Hak 6:11]

air Harod;

2Sam 23:25

orang Midian

Kej 25:2; [Lihat FULL. Kej 25:2]

bukit More,

Kej 12:6; [Lihat FULL. Kej 12:6]


banyak(TB)/terlalu(TL) <07227> [too many.]

Israel(TB/TL) <03478> [Israel.]

tangan ............ Tanganku(TB)/tanganmu ............. tangan(TL) <03027> [Mine own.]


berkata: Tanganku

Ul 8:17; [Lihat FULL. Ul 8:17]; 2Kor 4:7 [Semua]



takut(TB/TL) <03373> [Whosoever.]

pegunungan Gilead ....... Gilead(TB)/pegunungan Gilead(TL) <01568 02022> [mount Gilead.]

Gideon was certainly not at mount Gilead, east of Jordan at this time; but rather near mount Gilboa, west of Jordan. Calmet thinks there must either have been two Gileads, which does not appear from Scripture to have been the case, or that the Hebrew text is corrupt, and that for Gilead we should read Gilboa. This reading, though adopted by Houbigant, is not confirmed by an MS. or version. Dr. Hales endeavours to reconcile the whole, by the supposition that in Gideon's army there were many eastern Manassites from mount Gilead, near the Midianites; and therefore proposes to read, "Whosoever from mount Gilead is fearful and afraid, let him return (home) and depart early."

dua puluh(TB/TL) <06242> [twenty.]


pegunungan Gilead.

Ul 20:8; Yos 12:2; [Lihat FULL. Yos 12:2] [Semua]


rakyat(TB)/orang(TL) <05971> [people.]

menyaring(TB)/mencobai(TL) <06884> [I will.]


terlalu banyak

1Sam 14:6


menghirup ....... menjilat(TB)/menjilat ........... menjilat(TL) <03952> [lappeth.]

The original word {yalok,} is precisely the sound which the dog makes in lapping. It appears that it is not unusual for the Arabs to drink water out of the palms of their hands; and, from this account, we learn that the Israelites did so occasionally. Dr. A. Clarke, in his edition of Harmer, has presented us with the following curious MS. note from Dr. Russell. "When they take water with the palms of their hands, they naturally place themselves on their hams, to be nearer the water; but when they drink from a pitcher or gourd, fresh filled, they do not sit down on purpose to drink, but drink standing, and very often put the sleeve of their shirt over the mouth of the vessel, by way of strainer, lest small leeches might have been taken up with the water. For the same reason they often prefer taking the water with the palm of the hand to lapping it from the surface." From the letters of Busbequius we learn, that the Eastern people are not in the habit of drinking standing. The 300 men, who satisfied their thirst in the most expeditious manner, by this sufficiently indicated their spirit, and alacrity to follow Gideon in his dangerous enterprise; while the rest shewed their love of ease, self-indulgence, effeminacy, and want of courage.



ratus orang,

Kej 14:14



dalam tanganmu;

Yos 8:7; [Lihat FULL. Yos 8:7]

tempat kediamannya.

1Sam 14:6


sangkakala(TB)/nafirinya(TL) <07782> [trumpets.]

lembah(TB/TL) <06010> [in the valley.]

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