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Ulangan 28:15

TSK Full Life Study Bible


mendengarkan(TB)/dengar(TL) <08085> [if thou wilt.]

kutuk(TB/TL) <07045> [all these curses.]

The same variety of expression is used in these terrible curses, as in the preceding blessings, to intimate every kind of prosperity or adversity, personal, relative, and public. Consulting the marginal references will generally lead to the best exposition of the terms employed; and will frequently point out the fulfilment of the promises and threatenings.


Judul : Kutuk-kutuk karena tidak taat

Perikop : Ul 28:15-68

tidak mendengarkan

1Raj 9:6; 2Taw 7:19 [Semua]

hari ini,

Ul 27:26; [Lihat FULL. Ul 27:26]

mencapai engkau:

Ul 29:27; Yos 23:15; 2Taw 12:5; Dan 9:11; Mal 2:2 [Semua]


Ulangan 28:53-57

TSK Full Life Study Bible


buah(TB/TL) <06529> [the fruit.]

kandunganmu(TB)/perutmu(TL) <0990> [body. Heb. belly.]


diberikan kepadamu

Ul 28:57; Im 26:29; 2Raj 6:28-29; Rat 2:20 [Semua]


menjeling(TL) <05869> [his eye.]

isterinya(TB)/bini ..... lebihnya(TL) <0802 03499> [and toward.]

The Roman armies at length besieged, sacked, and utterly desolated Jerusalem: and during this seige, the famine was so extreme, that even rich and delicate persons, both men and women, ate their own children, and concealed the horrible repast, lest others should tear it from them! "Women snatched the food out of the very mouths of their husbands, and sons of their fathers, and (what is most miserable) mothers of their infants." "In every house, if there appeared any semblance of food, a battle ensued, and the dearest friends and relations fought with one another; snatching away the miserable provisions of life." "A woman distinguished by birth and wealth, after she had been plundered by the tyrants (or soldiers) of all her possessions, boiling her own sucking child, ate half of him, and concealing the other half, reserved it for another time!"

anak-anaknya(TB)/anak-anak(TL) <01121> [his children.]


[in the seige.]


segala tempatmu.

2Raj 6:29


Perempuan ..... manja(TB)/berlezat(TL) <06028> [and delicate.]

menjeling(TL) <05869 03415> [her eye shall be evil.]


dan manja

Yes 47:1

anaknya perempuan,

Rat 4:10


uri(TB)/diberikannya kepadanya(TL) <07988> [young one. Heb. after-birth. cometh out.]

memakannya(TB)/dimakannya(TL) <0398> [for she shall.]


akan memakannya

Ul 28:53; [Lihat FULL. Ul 28:53]

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