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Keluaran 14:15-20

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Judul : Menyeberangi Laut Teberau

Perikop : Kel 14:15-31

demikian kepada-Ku?

Yos 7:10


angkatlah(TB/TL) <07311> [lift.]

laut ............ laut(TB)/laut ........... laut(TL) <03220> [the sea.]

This sea was what is called in Scripture {yam suph,} "the sea of weeds;" so called, according to Mr. Bruce, from the vast quantity of coral which grows in it. In the LXX. it is called [thalassa erythra,] and by the Latins {Rubrum mare,} and we from them the Red Sea; so called it is supposed, from {Edom} (red) or Esau, whose territories extend to its coasts. It separates Arabia from Egypt and Ethiopia, and is computed to be 150 leagues in length from Suez to the straits of Babelmandel. The upper part is divided into two gulfs, that to the East called the Elanitic, from the city Elana at the northern extremity, and that to the west, the Heroopolitic, from the city of Heroopolis. The former is called by the Arabians Bahr el Akaba, the sea of Akaba; and the latter Bahr el Kolzum, the sea of destruction, or Clysm‘; which was that which the Israelites passed.

orang(TB)/bani(TL) <01121> [and the.]


angkatlah tongkatmu

Kel 4:2; [Lihat FULL. Kel 4:2]

belahlah airnya,

Kel 14:27; Yes 10:26 [Semua]


mengeraskan(TB/TL) <02388> [I, behold.]

mengeraskan ......... Israel ................ kemuliaan-Ku(TB)/mengeraskan ............... dipermuliakan(TL) <02388 03513> [I will.]

Israel ................ kemuliaan-Ku(TB)/dipermuliakan(TL) <03513> [and I will.]

[See on ver.]



mengeraskan hati

Kel 4:21

mereka menyusul

Kel 14:4; [Lihat FULL. Kel 14:4]



Akulah Tuhan,

Kel 6:1; [Lihat FULL. Kel 6:1]; Yeh 32:15 [Semua]


Malaikat(TB)/Malaekat(TL) <04397> [the angel.]

tiang(TB/TL) <05982> [and the pillar.]


Malaikat Allah,

Kej 16:7; [Lihat FULL. Kej 16:7]; Yes 63:9 [Semua]

tiang awan

Kel 13:21; [Lihat FULL. Kel 13:21]; 1Kor 10:1 [Semua]

di belakang

Yes 26:7; 42:16; 49:10; 52:12; 58:8 [Semua]

Catatan Frasa: TIANG AWAN.



menimbulkan kegelapan,

Yos 24:7

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