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2 Samuel 3:27

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sebentar(TB)/disimpangkan(TL) <05186> [took him.]

ditikamnyalah(TB)/diam-diam(TL) <07987> [quietly. or, peaceably.]

dia(TB)/ditikamnya(TL) <05221> [and smote.]

Joab was afraid that Abner, after rendering such essential service to David, would be made the general of the army; and therefore, under pretence of avenging the death of his brother, he treacherously assassinated the unsuspecting and too-confiding Abner: and such was the power of this cool-blooded and nefarious murderer, that the king dared not bring him to justice for his crime. But, while Joab's conduct cannot be too severely reprobated, the justice of God is apparent in Abner's punishment; who, from ambition, had pertinaciously, against his conscience, opposed the declared will of God; and was induced by base resentment to desert Ish-bosheth, and offer his services to David: see ver. 6-10; 4:6.

darah(TB)/bela(TL) <01818> [for the blood.]


Ketika Abner

2Sam 2:8; 4:1; 1Raj 2:5,32 [Semua]

ditikamnyalah dia

Kel 21:14; [Lihat FULL. Kel 21:14]; Hak 3:21; [Lihat FULL. Hak 3:21]; 2Sam 2:23; [Lihat FULL. 2Sam 2:23] [Semua]

sehingga mati,

2Sam 2:22

2 Samuel 20:9-10

TSK Full Life Study Bible


baik-baik(TB)/baik(TL) <07965> [Art thou.]

Amasa Amasa ......... memegang ... Amasa .... Amasa(TB)/Amasa .......... dipegang ..... Amasa(TL) <0270 06021> [took Amasa.]

Thevenot says, that among the Turks it is a great afront to take one by the beard, unless it be to kiss him, in which case they often do it. D'Arvieux, describing an assembly of Arab emirs at an entertainment, says, "After the usual civilities, caresses, kissings of the beard, and of the hand, which every one gave and received according to his rank and dignity, they sat down upon mats." The doing this by the Arab emirs corresponds with the conduct of Joab, and illustrates this horrid assassination.

mencium(TB/TL) <05401> [to kiss him.]


Yoab .......................... Yoab(TB)/Yoab .................................. Yoab(TL) <03097> [in Joab's.]

menikam(TB)/ditikam .... dia(TL) <05221> [he smote.]

tertumpah ke(TB)/tertumpah(TL) <08210> [and shed.]

usah ... ditikamnya ... kali sebab(TB)/ditikamnya ...... kali(TL) <08138> [struck him not again. Heb. doubled not his stroke.]


terhadap pedang

Hak 3:21; [Lihat FULL. Hak 3:21]

tangan Yoab

1Raj 2:5

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