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1 Samuel 20:30-35

TSK Full Life Study Bible


Saul(TB/TL) <07586> [Saul's.]

Anak ............ memilih ... anak(TB)/anak ........... memilih bin(TL) <01121 0977> [Thou, etc. or, Thou perverse rebel. Heb. Son of perverse rebellion.]

noda(TB)/malu ..... malu(TL) <01322> [and unto the.]

This reflection on the mother of Jonathan, by the passionate monarch, reflects more dishonour on himself than on his brave and noble minded son. Mungo Park gives an instance of the prevalence of the same principles in Africa; for he says, "Maternal affection is every where conspicuous among the Africans, and creates a correspondent return of tenderness in the child. 'Strike me,' said my attendant, 'but do not curse my mother.' I found the same sentiment to prevail universally in all parts of Africa." King Saul, unable to villify Jonathan to his own satisfaction by personal reproaches, outstepped the ordinary abuse of his day, and proceeded to that which was designed to produce unusual vexation, and vented the bitterness of his mind by maligning the character of his own wife and Jonathan's mother.


suruhlah orang memanggil(TB)/suruhkanlah(TL) <07971> [send.]

anak ........................ ia harus(TB)/bin ............................. mati(TL) <01121> [shall surely die. Heb. is the son of death.]


dan kerajaanmu

1Sam 23:17; 24:21 [Semua]


dibunuh(TB/TL) <04191> [Wherefore.]

dilakukannya(TB)/perbuatannya(TL) <06213> [what hath.]





1Sam 19:4; [Lihat FULL. 1Sam 19:4]; Mat 27:23 [Semua]

dibunuh? Apa

Kej 31:36; [Lihat FULL. Kej 31:36]


mengambil keputusan

1Sam 18:11,17; [Lihat FULL. 1Sam 18:11]; [Lihat FULL. 1Sam 18:17] [Semua]


bernyala-nyala(TB)/kehangatan(TL) <02750> [in fierce.]

bersusah hati(TB)/bercintakan(TL) <06087> [he was grieved.]


sesuai ... janjinya(TB)/dijanji(TL) <04150> [at the time.]

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