Jumlah dalam TB : 9 dalam 9 ayat
(dalam NT: 9 dalam 9 ayat)
Keluarga Kata untuk kata "tersungkurlah" dalam TB (0/24) : tersungkur (0x/15x); tersungkurlah (0x/9x);
Greek : <4098> 7x; <4098 4383> 1x; <4363> 1x;
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Strong# / Frek.Definisi & Terjemahan
<4098> 8 (dari 91)
piptw pipto
Definisi : --v (verb)-- 1) to descend from a higher place to a lower 1a) to fall (either from or upon) 1a1) to be thrust down 1b) metaph. to fall under judgment, came under condemnation 2) to descend from an erect to a prostrate position 2a) to fall down 2a1) to be prostrated, fall prostrate 2a2) of those overcome by terror or astonishment or grief or under the attack of an evil spirit or of falling dead suddenly 2a3) the dismemberment of a corpse by decay 2a4) to prostrate one's self 2a5) used of suppliants and persons rendering homage or worship to one 2a6) to fall out, fall from i.e. shall perish or be lost 2a7) to fall down, fall into ruin: of buildings, walls etc. 2b) to be cast down from a state of prosperity 2b1) to fall from a state of uprightness 2b2) to perish, i.e come to an end, disappear, cease 2b2a) of virtues 2b3) to lose authority, no longer have force 2b3a) of sayings, precepts, etc. 2b4) to be removed from power by death 2b5) to fail of participating in, miss a share in
<4383> 1 (dari 76)
proswpon prosopon
Definisi : --n n (noun neuter)-- 1) the face 1a) the front of the human head 1b) countenance, look 1b1) the face so far forth as it is the organ of sight, and by it various movements and changes) the index of the inward thoughts and feelings 1c) the appearance one presents by his wealth or property, his rank or low condition 1c1) outward circumstances, external condition 1c2) used in expressions which denote to regard the person in one's judgment and treatment of men 2) the outward appearance of inanimate things
<4363> 1 (dari 8)
prospiptw prospipto
Definisi : --v (verb)-- 1) to fall forwards, fall down, prostrate one's self before, in homage or supplication: at one's feet 2) to rush upon, beat against 2a) of winds beating upon a house

Konkordansi PB

epesan <4098> Mat 17:6 Mendengar itu tersungkurlah murid-murid-Nya dan mereka ...
piptei <4098> Mrk 5:22 ... Ketika ia melihat Yesus, tersungkurlah ia di depan kaki-Nya
peswn proswpon <4098 4383> Luk 5:12 ... Ketika ia melihat Yesus, tersungkurlah ia dan memohon: "Tuan, jika ...
epesen <4098> Yoh 11:32 ... Yesus berada dan melihat Dia, tersungkurlah ia di depan kaki-Nya dan ...
prosepesen <4363> Kis 16:29 ... masuk dan dengan gemetar tersungkurlah ia di depan Paulus dan Silas.
epesa <4098> Why 1:17 Ketika aku melihat Dia, tersungkurlah aku di depan kaki-Nya sama ...
pesountai <4098> Why 4:10 maka tersungkurlah kedua puluh empat tua-tua itu ...
epesan <4098> Why 5:8 ... mengambil gulungan kitab itu, tersungkurlah keempat makhluk dan kedua ...
epesa <4098> Why 19:10 Maka tersungkurlah aku di depan kakinya untuk ...

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