Jumlah dalam TB : 7 dalam 7 ayat
(dalam OT: 4 dalam 4 ayat)
(dalam NT: 3 dalam 3 ayat)
Keluarga Kata untuk kata "Kelahiran" dalam TB (326/80) : dilahirkan (35x/23x); dilahirkannya (6x/0x); dilahirkannyalah (1x/0x); kaulahirkan (1x/1x); kelahiran (4x/0x); kelahiranku (2x/1x); kelahiranmu (4x/0x); kelahirannya (6x/1x); kulahirkan (2x/0x); lahir (79x/26x); lahirkan (1x/0x); lahirlah (6x/0x); lahirmu (1x/0x); lahirnya (2x/2x); melahirkan (168x/22x); melahirkannya (8x/0x); Kelahiran (0x/3x); melahirkan-Nya (0x/1x);
Hebrew : <03205> 2x; <04138> 2x;
Greek : <1078> 1x; <5449> 1x; <3824> 1x;
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Strong# / Frek.Definisi & Terjemahan
<04138> 2 (dari 22)
tdlwm mowledeth
Definisi : --n f (noun feminime)-- 1) kindred, birth, offspring, relatives 1a) kindred 1b) birth, circumstances of birth 1c) one born, begotten, issue, offspring, female offspring
<03205> 2 (dari 497)
dly yalad
Definisi : --v (verb)-- 1) to bear, bring forth, beget, gender, travail 1a) (Qal) 1a1) to bear, bring forth 1a1a) of child birth 1a1b) of distress (simile) 1a1c) of wicked (behaviour) 1a2) to beget 1b) (Niphal) to be born 1c) (Piel) 1c1) to cause or help to bring forth 1c2) to assist or tend as a midwife 1c3) midwife (participle) 1d) (Pual) to be born 1e) (Hiphil) 1e1) to beget (a child) 1e2) to bear (fig. - of wicked bringing forth iniquity) 1f) (Hophal) day of birth, birthday (infinitive) 1g) (Hithpael) to declare one's birth (pedigree)
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Strong# / Frek.Definisi & Terjemahan
<5449> 1 (dari 14)
fusiv phusis
Definisi : --n f (noun feminime)-- 1) nature 1a) the nature of things, the force, laws, order of nature 1a) as opposed to what is monstrous, abnormal, perverse 1b) as opposed what has been produced by the art of man: the natural branches, i.e. branches by the operation of nature 1b) birth, physical origin 1c) a mode of feeling and acting which by long habit has become nature 1d) the sum of innate properties and powers by which one person differs from others, distinctive native peculiarities, natural characteristics: the natural strength, ferocity, and intractability of beasts
<3824> 1 (dari 2)
paliggenesia paliggenesia
Definisi : --n f (noun feminime)-- 1) new birth, reproduction, renewal, recreation, regeneration 1a) hence renovation, regeneration, the production of a new life consecrated to God, a radical change of mind for the better. The word often used to denote the restoration of a thing to its pristine state, its renovation, as a renewal or restoration of life after death 1b) the renovation of the earth after the deluge 1c) the renewal of the world to take place after its destruction by fire, as the Stoics taught 1d) the signal and glorious change of all things (in heaven and earth) for the better, that restoration of the primal and perfect condition of things which existed before the fall of our first parents, which the Jews looked for in connection with the advent of the Messiah, and which Christians expected in connection with the visible return of Jesus from heaven. 1e) other uses 1e1) of Cicero's restoration to rank and fortune on his recall from exile 1e2) of the restoration of the Jewish nation after exile 1e3) of the recovery of knowledge by recollection Sinonim : Lihat Definisi 5888
<1078> 1 (dari 5)
genesiv genesis
Definisi : --n f (noun feminime)-- 1) source, origin 1a) a book of one's lineage, i.e. in which his ancestry or progeny are enumerated 2) used of birth, nativity 3) of that which follows origin, viz. existence, life 3a) the wheel of life (Jas 3:6), other explain it, the wheel of human origin which as soon as men are born begins to run, i.e. its course of life
Dalam TB : Kelahiran 1, kelahirannya 1, sebenarnya 1, silsilah 1

Konkordansi PL

tdlh <03205> Kej 40:20 ... pada hari ketiga, hari kelahiran Firaun, maka Firaun ...
wdlwh <03205> Pkh 7:1 ... lebih baik dari pada hari kelahiran .
wntdlwm <04138> Yer 46:16 ... kepada bangsa kita, ke negeri kelahiran kita, untuk mengelakkan ...
Mtdlwm <04138> Yeh 23:15 ... Babel dari Kasdim, tanah kelahiran mereka.

Konkordansi PB

genesiv <1078> Mat 1:18   Kelahiran Yesus Kristus adalah seperti ...
fusei <5449> Gal 2:15 Menurut kelahiran kami adalah orang Yahudi dan ...
paliggenesiav <3824> Tit 3:5 ... rahmat-Nya oleh permandian kelahiran kembali dan oleh pembaharuan ...

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