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2 Raja-raja 25:22-24

TSK Full Life Study Bible


rakyat(TB/TL) <05971> [the people.]

Gedalya(TB/TL) <01436> [Gedaliah.]

Ahikam(TB/TL) <0296> [Ahikam.]


Judul : Gedalya menjadi gubernur dan dibunuh

Perikop : 2Raj 25:22-26


Yer 40:5-41:18 dengan 2Raj 25:22-26

mereka Gedalya

Yer 39:14; 40:5,7; 41:18 [Semua]

bin Ahikam

2Raj 22:12; [Lihat FULL. 2Raj 22:12]


panglima(TB)/penghulu(TL) <08269> [And when.]

Mizpa(TB/TL) <04709> [Mizpah.]

There were several places of the name of Mizpah, or Mizpeh, and we do not certainly know which of them this was; but it is probable that it was that situated east of Jordan, in the mountains of Gilead, (Ge 31:49,) and most contiguous to Babylon; and therefore the most proper for the residence of Gedaliah.


bersumpahlah(TB/TL) <07650 0582> [sware to them.]

menjadi baik(TB)/selamat(TL) <03190> [and it shall be.]

Yeremia 40:6-8

TSK Full Life Study Bible


pergilah(TB)/datang(TL) <0935> [Then.]

It has been doubted whether Jeremiah acted prudently in this decision, as the event seems to indicate the contrary, and as it was the evident meaning of all his predictions that the Jews should not prosper in their own country till the expiration of seventy years. But he was evidently influenced by the most unbounded love to his country, for whose welfare he had watched, prayed, and lived; and he now chose rather to share her adversities, her sorrows, her wants, her afflictions, and her disgrace, than to be the companion of princes, and to sit at the table of kings. His patriotism was as unbounded as it was sincere: he only ceased to live for country when he ceased to breathe.

Mizpa(TB/TL) <04708> [Mizpah.]



di Mizpa,

Yer 40:10; Hak 20:1; 1Sam 7:5-17 [Semua]


panglima(TB)/penglima(TL) <08269> [all the.]

orang-orang lemah(TB)/hina dina(TL) <01803> [the poor.]


Judul : Gedalya dibunuh

Perikop : Yer 40:7--41:15


2Raj 25:22-26 dengan Yer 40:7-9; 41:1-3

negeri itu

Kej 41:41; [Lihat FULL. Kej 41:41]; Neh 5:14; [Lihat FULL. Neh 5:14] [Semua]

orang-orang lemah

2Raj 24:14; [Lihat FULL. 2Raj 24:14]; Kis 24:17; [Lihat FULL. Kis 24:17]; Yak 2:5 [Semua]



pergilah(TB)/datanglah(TL) <0935> [came.]

Ismael(TB)/Ismail(TL) <03458> [even.]

Yohanan(TB/TL) <03110> [Johanan.]

Yonatan(TL) <03129> [Jonathan.]

Netofa(TB)/Netofati(TL) <05200> [Netophathite.]

Maakha(TB)/Maakhati(TL) <04602> [Maachathite.]


di Mizpa;

Yer 40:13

ialah Ismael

Yer 40:14; Yer 41:1,2 [Semua]

Netanya, Yohanan

Yer 40:15; Yer 41:11 [Semua]

orang Netofa

2Sam 23:28; [Lihat FULL. 2Sam 23:28]

seorang Maakha,

Ul 3:14; [Lihat FULL. Ul 3:14]

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