pateo <3961>

patew pateo

Asal Mula:from a derivative probably of 3817 (meaning a "path")
Referensi:TDNT - 5:940,804
Jenis Kata:v (verb)
Dalam Yunani:epathyh 1, patei 1, patein 1, pathsousin 1, patoumenh 1
Dalam TB:diinjak-injak 1, dikilang 1, memeras 1, mereka akan menginjak-injak 1, untuk menginjak 1
Dalam AV:tread 3, tread down 1, tread under feet 1
Definisi : transitif: menginjak-injak, (p. lhnon memeras anggur dalam kilangan minyak); intras. p. epanw menginjak (Luk 10.19)
1) to tread
1a) to trample, crush with the feet
1b) to advance by setting foot upon, tread upon: to encounter
successfully the greatest perils from the machinations and
persecutions with which Satan would fain thwart the
preaching of the gospel
1c) to tread under foot, trample on, i.e. to treat with insult
and contempt: to desecrate the holy city by devastation and

from a derivative probably of 3817 (meaning a "path"); to trample (literally or figuratively): KJV -- tread (down, under foot).
see GREEK for 3817
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