krisis <2920>

krisiv krisis

Asal Mula:perhaps a primitive word
Referensi:TDNT - 3:941,469
Jenis Kata:n f (noun feminime)
Dalam Yunani:krisei 7, kriseiv 2, krisewv 15, krisin 15, krisiv 8
Dalam TB:penghakiman 22, hukuman 4, dihukum 4, menghakimi 3, penghakiman-Ku 2, keadilan 2, penghakiman-Nya 2, hukum 2, hakimilah 1, dihakimi 1, hukuman-Nya 1, pengadilan 1, penghakimanmu 1, penghakiman-Mu 1
Dalam AV:judgment 41, damnation 3, accusation 2, condemnation 2
Definisi : ewv [feminin] penghakiman; hukuman; !!(?) pengadilan (Mat 5.21 dst)
penghakiman, penghukuman
1) a separating, sundering, separation
1a) a trial, contest
2) selection
3) judgment
3a) opinion or decision given concerning anything
3a1) esp. concerning justice and injustice, right or wrong
3b) sentence of condemnation, damnatory judgment, condemnation
and punishment
4) the college of judges (a tribunal of seven men in the several
cities of Palestine; as distinguished from the Sanhedrin,
which had its seat at Jerusalem)
5) right, justice

decision (subjectively or objectively, for or against); by extension, a tribunal; by implication, justice (especially, divine law): KJV -- accusation, condemnation, damnation, judgment.
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