TB NETBible YUN-IBR Ref. Silang Nama Gambar Himne

2 Tawarikh 25:11-12

TSK Full Life Study Bible


Lembah(TB)/lembah(TL) <01516> [valley.]


sepuluh ribu ..... selaksa(TB)/selaksa(TL) <06235 0505> [And other ten thousand.]

No intimation is given on what account, or on what provocation, this most cruel conduct towards the prisoners of war was adopted. The enmity between Israel and Edom seems to have been reciprocal and deeply malignant. The victorious king and his army considered every individual of Edom as a traitor and rebel; and so adjudged them to death, and acted on this judgment. But their conduct was wholly inexcusable, and could only perpetuate rancour to future generations, and provoke the surviving Edomites to cruel retaliations, whenever they had it in their power.

dicampakkan(TB)/dicampakkannya(TL) <07993> [cast them.]

hancurlah(TB/TL) <01234> [broken in pieces.]


sehingga hancurlah

Mazm 141:6; Ob 1:3 [Semua]

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