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1 Samuel 21:10-15

TSK Full Life Study Bible


larilah(TB)/lari(TL) <01272> [fled.]

Akhis(TB/TL) <0397> [Achish. or, Abimelech.]

27:2 Ps 34:1 *title [Semua]

Gat(TB/TL) <01661> [Gath.]

Jerome says there was a large town called Gath, in the way from Eleutheropolis to Gaza; and Eusebius speaks of another Gath, five miles from Eleutheropolis, towards Lydda, (and consequently different from that mentioned by Jerome;) and also of another Gath, between Jamnia and Antipatris. It appears to have been the extreme boundary of the Philistine territory in one direction, as Ekron was on the other, (ch. 7:14; 17:52,) and lay near Mareshah, (2 Ch 11:8. Mic 1:14,) which agrees pretty well with the position assigned it by Jerome. But Reland and Dr. Wells agree with Eusebius; and the authors of the Universal History (b. i. c. 7) place it about six miles form Jamnia, fourteen south of Joppa, and thirty-two west of Jerusalem.


Judul : Daud di Gat

Perikop : 1Sam 21:10-15


1Sam 25:13; 27:2 [Semua]


Pegawai-pegawai(TB)/pegawai(TL) <05650> [the servants.]

Ps 56:1 *title

raja(TB/TL) <04428> [the king.]


Daud berlaksa-laksa?

1Sam 18:7


memperhatikan(TB)/diperhatikan(TL) <07760> [laid up.]

sekali(TB)/sangat(TL) <03966> [sore.]


berlaku(TB)/diubahkannya(TL) <08138> [changed.]

menggores-gores(TB)/mengoris-ngoris(TL) <08427> [scrabbled. or, made marks.]


sakit ingatan

Mazm 34:1


gila(TB/TL) <07696> [is mad. or, playeth the madman.]

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