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1 Samuel 3:1-10

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muda(TB/TL) <05288> [the child.]

firman(TB/TL) <01697> [the word.]


Judul : Samuel dipanggil Tuhan

Perikop : 1Sam 3:1-21

menjadi pelayan

1Sam 2:11; [Lihat FULL. 1Sam 2:11]

Tuhan jarang;

Mazm 74:9; Rat 2:9; Yeh 7:26 [Semua]


Am 8:11


matanya(TB)/mata(TL) <05869> [his eyes.]


yang matanya

1Sam 4:15

dapat melihat

Kej 27:1; [Lihat FULL. Kej 27:1]


Lampu(TB)/pelita(TL) <05216> [ere.]

Before sun-rise: for it is probable the lamps were extinguished before the rising of the sun; see the Parallel Passages.

Lampu(TB)/pelita(TL) <05216> [the lamp.]

bait(TB)/kaabah(TL) <01964> [the temple.]



Kel 25:31-38; Im 24:1-4 [Semua]

bait suci

1Sam 1:9

tempat tabut

Ul 10:1-5; 1Raj 6:19; 8:1 [Semua]


memanggil Samuel Semuel(TB)/dipanggil .... Semuel(TL) <07121 08050> [called Samuel.]


Ya, bapa.

Kej 22:1; [Lihat FULL. Kej 22:1]; Kel 3:4; [Lihat FULL. Kel 3:4] [Semua]



Samuel(TB)/Semuel(TL) <08050> [Now Samuel.]

Or, Thus did Samuel before he knew the Lord, and before the word of the Lord was revealed unto him.

belum ...... belum(TB)/belum ........ belum(TL) <02962> [did not yet.]

Samuel was not destitute of the knowledge of God, in that sense which implies the total absence of true piety, as Eli's sons were; for he knew and worshipped the God of Israel: but he did not know him as communicating special revelations of his will to him, in the manner in which he made it known to the prophets.


belum mengenal

1Sam 2:12


Yer 1:2

pernah dinyatakan

Bil 12:6; [Lihat FULL. Bil 12:6]; Am 3:7 [Semua]


ketiga kalinya(TB)/ketiga(TL) <07992> [the third.]

Although Samuel did not apprehend the way in which God reveals himself to his servants the prophets--by the "still small voice"--yet when this direct communication from the Almighty was made the third time, in a way altogether new and strange to him, it seems astonishing that he did not immediately apprehend. Perhaps he would have been sooner aware of a divine revelation, had it come in a dream or a vision. Those who have the greatest knowledge of divine things, should remember the time when they were as babes, unskilful in the word of righteousness. # 1Co 13:11,12


Berbicaralah(TB)/berfirman(TL) <01696> [Speak.]


datanglah TUHAN(TB)/datanglah Tuhan(TL) <0935 03068> [the Lord came.]

This seems to imply a visible appearance, as well as an audible voice.

seperti ... sudah-sudah(TB)/dahulu(TL) <06471> [as at other.]

Samuel did not now rise and run as before, when thought he Eli called, but lay still and listened. All must be silent, when God speaks. Observe, however, Samuel in his reply left out one word: he did not say, Speak, Lord, but only Speak, for thy servant heareth; perhaps, as Bp. Patrick suggests, out of uncertainty, whether it was God that spake to him or not. However, by this answer way was made for the message he was now to receive, and Samuel was brought acquainted with the words of God and visions of the Almighty.


Samuel! Samuel!

Kel 3:4

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