Jumlah dalam TB : 9 dalam 7 ayat
(dalam OT: 5 dalam 4 ayat)
(dalam NT: 4 dalam 3 ayat)
Keluarga Kata untuk kata "anak-anak-Ku" dalam TB (3441/834) : Ana (12x/0x); anak (1527x/513x); anak-anak (751x/100x); anak-anak-Ku (5x/0x); anak-anak-Nya (2x/1x); anak-anakku (24x/12x); anak-anakmu (129x/10x); anak-anakmulah (1x/0x); anak-anakmupun (1x/0x); anak-anaknya (274x/21x); Anak-anakpun (1x/0x); anak-Ku (9x/0x); anakku (129x/0x); anakkulah (4x/0x); anakmu (85x/0x); anakmulah (5x/0x); anaknya (257x/40x); anaknyalah (1x/0x); Ananya (2x/0x); beranak (37x/0x); beranakkan (2x/0x); diperanakkan (3x/5x); kauperanakkan (1x/0x); Kuperanakkan (1x/2x); memperanakkan (176x/44x); peranakan (1x/0x); peranakkanlah (1x/0x); Anak-anak-Ku (0x/4x); Anak-Ku (0x/15x); Anak-Mu (0x/2x); Anak-Nya (0x/28x); Anakku (0x/25x); Anakmu (0x/10x); Anakpun (0x/2x);
Hebrew : <01121> 4x; <01323> 1x;
Greek : <5043> 1x; <5040> 1x; <3427 5207> 1x; <2364> 1x;
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Strong# / Frek.Definisi & Terjemahan
<01121> 4 (dari 4930)
Nb ben
Definisi : --n m (noun masculine)-- 1) son, grandson, child, member of a group 1a) son, male child 1b) grandson 1c) children (pl. - male and female) 1d) youth, young men (pl.) 1e) young (of animals) 1f) sons (as characterisation, i.e. sons of injustice [for un- righteous men] or sons of God [for angels] 1g) people (of a nation) (pl.) 1h) of lifeless things, i.e. sparks, stars, arrows (fig.) 1i) a member of a guild, order, class
Dalam TB : bin 987, bani 655, orang 586, anak 547, anak-anak 341, anak-anaknya 210, anaknya 177, berumur 155, Anak-anak 132, anak laki-laki 116, anakku 95, orang-orang 82, keturunan 77, anak-anakmu 72, anak-anak lelaki 62, Keturunan 42, anakmu 39, muda 38, Anak 30, setahun 26, Bani 23, Orang 22, anakmu laki-laki 17, cucu 16, anaknya laki-laki 15, anak-anakmu laki-laki 13, rombongan 11, seorang 11, Ben-Hinom 10, anak-anakmu lelaki 10, anak-anaknya lelaki 10, mereka 9, cucumu 8, Anakku 8, jemaah 7, Anak-anaknya 7, anak-Ku 7, anak-anakku 7, Orang-orang 7, kaum 6, Anakmu 5, cucunya 4, umurnya 4, teman-temanmu 4, anakku laki-laki 4, keturunannya 4, kaum awam 4, anakmulah 4, Anak-anakmu 3, umur 3, anakkulah 3, anak-anak-Ku 3, umat 3, putera 3, cucu-cucunya 3, binatang 2, satu 2, Anak-anak lelaki 2, Anak laki-laki 2, seorang anak laki-laki 2, anak-anak lelakimu 2, anak-anak laki-laki 2, Anak-anakku 2, cucu-cucu 2, harus 2, orang-orang asing 2, anak-anaknya yang laki-laki 2, teman-teman 2, anak-anak-Nya 2, laki-laki 2, anak-anaknya laki-laki 2, penghuni 2, anak domba 2, cucu laki-laki 2, cucu cicitmu 2, cicit 2, keturunanmu 2, anak kandungmu 2, cucu-cucunya laki-laki 2, anak-anak-Ku laki-laki 1, Putera-putera 1, Anakmulah 1, Bangsa 1, Anakkulah 1, Anak-anaknya yang lelaki 1, Anak-Ku 1, Anak-anakmu lelaki 1, Dia 1, Orang-orang yang membangun 1, anak panah 1, anak-anak muda 1, anak lembu 1, anak lelaki 1, anak-anakku laki-laki 1, anak-anak sulung 1, bangsa 1, masing-masing 1, milik anak 1, orang laki-laki 1, orang-orang yang ditentukan 1, lembu 1, kesatria 1, ia 1, jelata 1, kandungan 1, pangeran 1, pengiring-pengiringnya 1, seorang hambaku 1, seorang laki-laki 1, siapa 1, subur 1, seekor 1, saudara-saudara 1, pihak 1, rakyat biasa 1, salah seorang 1, golongan 1, ekor 1, anaknya yang laki-laki 1, anaknyalah 1, anggota-anggota 1, teman 1, anaknya lelaki 1, tua-tua 1, anak-anakmulah 1, anak-anakmupun 1, anak-anaknya yang lelaki 1, bangsa asing 1, teruna-teruna 1, cucuku 1, diinjak-injak 1, diternakkan 1, cucu-cucuku laki-laki 1, bunga api 1, beranak 1, yang akan mewarisi 1, budak-budak yang lahir 1, anak-anakku lelaki 1
<01323> 1 (dari 589)
tb bath
Definisi : --n f, n pr f (noun feminime, noun proper feminime)-- n f 1) daughter 1a) daughter, girl, adopted daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, granddaughters, female child, cousin 1a1) as polite address n pr f 1a2) as designation of women of a particular place 2) young women, women 1a3) as personification 1a4) daughter-villages 1a5) description of character
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Strong# / Frek.Definisi & Terjemahan
<5207> 1 (dari 374)
uiov huios
Definisi : --n m (noun masculine)-- 1) a son 1a) rarely used for the young of animals 1b) generally used of the offspring of men 1c) in a restricted sense, the male offspring (one born by a father and of a mother) 1d) in a wider sense, a descendant, one of the posterity of any one, 1d1) the children of Israel 1d2) sons of Abraham 1e)) used to describe one who depends on another or is his follower 1e1) a pupil 2) son of man 2a) term describing man, carrying the connotation of weakness and mortality 2b) son of man, symbolically denotes the fifth kingdom in Da 7:13 and by this term its humanity is indicated in contrast with the barbarity and ferocity of the four preceding kingdoms (the Babylonian, the Median and the Persian, the Macedonian, and the Roman) typified by the four beasts. In the book of Enoch (2nd Century) it is used of Christ. 2c) used by Christ himself, doubtless in order that he might intimate his Messiahship and also that he might designate himself as the head of the human family, the man, the one who both furnished the pattern of the perfect man and acted on behalf of all mankind. Christ seems to have preferred this to the other Messianic titles, because by its lowliness it was least suited to foster the expectation of an earthly Messiah in royal splendour. 3) son of God 3a) used to describe Adam (Lu 3:38) 3b) used to describe those who are born again (Lu 20:36) and of angels and of Jesus Christ 3c) of those whom God esteems as sons, whom he loves, protects and benefits above others 3c1) in the OT used of the Jews 3c2) in the NT of Christians 3c3) those whose character God, as a loving father, shapes by chastisements (Heb 12:5-8) 3d) those who revere God as their father, the pious worshippers of God, those who in character and life resemble God, those who are governed by the Spirit of God, repose the same calm and joyful trust in God which children do in their parents (Ro 8:14, Ga 3:26), and hereafter in the blessedness and of the life eternal will openly wear this dignity of the sons glory of God. Term used preeminently of Jesus Christ, as enjoying the supreme love of God, united to him in affectionate intimacy, privy to his saving councils, obedient to the Father's will in all his acts Sinonim : Lihat Definisi 5868 dan 5943
<5043> 1 (dari 98)
teknon teknon
Definisi : --n n (noun neuter)-- 1) offspring, children 1a) child 1a) a male child, a son 1b) metaph. 1b1) the name transferred to that intimate and reciprocal relationship formed between men by the bonds of love, friendship, trust, just as between parents and children 1b2) in affectionate address, such as patrons, helpers, teachers and the like employ: my child 1b3) in the NT, pupils or disciples are called children of their teachers, because the latter by their instruction nourish the minds of their pupils and mould their characters 1b4) children of God: in the OT of "the people of Israel" as especially dear to God, in the NT, in Paul's writings, all who are led by the Spirit of God and thus closely related to God 1b5) children of the devil: those who in thought and action are prompted by the devil, and so reflect his character 1c) metaph. 1c1) of anything who depends upon it, is possessed by a desire or affection for it, is addicted to it 1c2) one who is liable to any fate 1c2a) thus children of a city: it citizens and inhabitants 1c3) the votaries of wisdom, those souls who have, as it were, been nurtured and moulded by wisdom 1c4) cursed children, exposed to a curse and doomed to God's wrath or penalty Sinonim : Lihat Definisi 5868 dan 5943
<5040> 1 (dari 9)
teknion teknion
Definisi : --n n (noun neuter)-- 1) a little child 2) in the NT used as a term of kindly address by teachers to their disciples
<3427> 1 (dari 225)
moi moi
Definisi : --pron (pronoun)-- 1) I, me, my
<2364> 1 (dari 28)
yugathr thugater
Definisi : --n f (noun feminime)-- 1) a daughter 1a) a daughter of God 1a1) acceptable to God, rejoicing in God's peculiar care and protection 1b) with the name of a place, city, or region 1b1) denotes collectively all its inhabitants and citizens 1c) a female descendant

Konkordansi PL

ynb <01121> Yes 43:6 ... tahan-tahan! Bawalah anak-anak-Ku laki-laki dari jauh, dan ...
ytwnbw <01323> Yes 43:6 ... laki-laki dari jauh, dan anak-anak-Ku perempuan dari ujung-ujung ...
ynb <01121> Yes 45:11 ... pertanyaan kepada-Ku mengenai anak-anak-Ku , atau memberi perintah ...
Mynbb <01121> Yer 3:19 ... engkau di tengah-tengah anak-anak-Ku dan memberikan kepadamu ...
ynb <01121> Yeh 16:21 bahwa engkau menyembelih anak-anak-Ku dan menyerahkannya kepada ...

Konkordansi PB

tekna <5043> Mrk 10:24 ... Tetapi Yesus menyambung lagi: " Anak-anak-Ku , alangkah sukarnya masuk ke ...
teknia <5040> Yoh 13:33 Hai anak-anak-Ku , hanya seketika saja lagi Aku ...
moi uiouv <3427 5207> 2Kor 6:18 ... Bapamu, dan kamu akan menjadi anak-anak-Ku laki-laki dan anak-anak-Ku ...
yugaterav <2364> 2Kor 6:18 ... anak-anak-Ku laki-laki dan anak-anak-Ku perempuan demikianlah firman ...

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