AKAN BERAKHIR [Sebagai Frasa]

Jumlah dalam TB : 9 dalam 9 ayat
(dalam OT: 8 dalam 8 ayat)
(dalam NT: 1 dalam 1 ayat)
Keluarga Kata untuk frasa "akan berakhir" dalam TB (12/1) : akan akhirnya (1x/0x); akan berakhir (8x/1x); akan mengakhiri (3x/0x);
Hebrew : <07673> 1x; <05491> 1x; <07093> 1x; <07999> 1x; <02865> 1x; <03615> 1x; <0656> 1x; <05486> 1x;
Greek : <2673> 1x;
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IBRANI [Sebagai Frasa]

Strong# / Frek.Definisi & Terjemahan
<07093> 1 (dari 67)
Uq qets
Definisi : --n m (noun masculine)-- 1) end 1a) end, at the end of (of time) 1b) end (of space)
<07673> 1 (dari 71)
tbv shabath
Definisi : --v (verb)-- 1) to cease, desist, rest 1a) (Qal) 1a1) to cease 1a2) to rest, desist (from labour) 1b) (Niphal) to cease 1c) (Hiphil) 1c1) to cause to cease, put an end to 1c2) to exterminate, destroy 1c3) to cause to desist from 1c4) to remove 1c5) to cause to fail 2) (Qal) to keep or observe the sabbath
<07999> 1 (dari 116)
Mlv shalam
Definisi : --v (verb)-- 1) to be in a covenant of peace, be at peace 1a) (Qal) 1a1) to be at peace 1a2) peaceful one (participle) 1b) (Pual) one in covenant of peace (participle) 1c) (Hiphil) 1c1) to make peace with 1c2) to cause to be at peace 1d) (Hophal) to live in peace 2) to be complete, be sound 2a) (Qal) 2a1) to be complete, be finished, be ended 2a2) to be sound, be uninjured 2b) (Piel) 2b1) to complete, finish 2b2) to make safe 2b3) to make whole or good, restore, make compensation 2b4) to make good, pay 2b5) to requite, recompense, reward 2c) (Pual) 2c1) to be performed 2c2) to be repaid, be requited 2d) (Hiphil) 2d1) to complete, perform 2d2) to make an end of
<05491> 1 (dari 5)
Pwo cowph (Aramaic)
Definisi : --n m (noun masculine)-- 1) end, conclusion
Dalam TB : ujung 2, Sekianlah 1, lenyap 1, berakhir 1
<05486> 1 (dari 5)
Pwo cuwph
Definisi : --v (verb)-- 1) to cease, come to an end 1a) (Qal) to come to an end 1b) (Hiphil) to make an end
Dalam TB : lenyap 2, berakhir 1, habislah 1, memungut 1
<02865> 1 (dari 51)
ttx chathath
Definisi : --v (verb)-- 1) to be shattered, be dismayed, be broken, be abolished, be afraid 1a) (Qal) 1a1) to be shattered, be broken 1a2) to be dismayed 1b) (Niphal) to be broken, be dismayed 1c) (Piel) to be shattered, be dismayed, be scared 1d) (Hiphil) 1d1) to cause to be dismayed 1d2) to dismay, terrify 1d3) to shatter
<03615> 1 (dari 204)
hlk kalah
Definisi : --v (verb)-- 1) to accomplish, cease, consume, determine, end, fail, finish, be complete, be accomplished, be ended, be at an end, be finished, be spent 1a) (Qal) 1a1) to be complete, be at an end 1a2) to be completed, be finished 1a3) to be accomplished, be fulfilled 1a4) to be determined, be plotted (bad sense) 1a5) to be spent, be used up 1a6) to waste away, be exhausted, fail 1a7) to come to an end, vanish, perish, be destroyed 1b) (Piel) 1b1) to complete, bring to an end, finish 1b2) to complete (a period of time) 1b3) to finish (doing a thing) 1b4) to make an end, end 1b5) to accomplish, fulfil, bring to pass 1b6) to accomplish, determine (in thought) 1b7) to put an end to, cause to cease 1b8) to cause to fail, exhaust, use up, spend 1b9) to destroy, exterminate 1c) (Pual) to be finished, be ended, be completed
<0656> 1 (dari 5)
opa 'aphec
Definisi : --v (verb)-- 1) (Qal) to cease, break, come to an end
Dalam TB : tidak ada lagi 2, berakhir 2, lenyapkah 1
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YUNANI [Sebagai Frasa]

Strong# / Frek.Definisi & Terjemahan
<2673> 1 (dari 27)
katargew katargeo
Definisi : --v (verb)-- 1) to render idle, unemployed, inactivate, inoperative 1a) to cause a person or thing to have no further efficiency 1b) to deprive of force, influence, power 2) to cause to cease, put an end to, do away with, annul, abolish 2a) to cease, to pass away, be done away 2b) to be severed from, separated from, discharged from, loosed from any one 2c) to terminate all intercourse with one

Konkordansi PL [Sebagai Frasa]

Pwoy <05486> Est 9:28 ... dan peringatannya tidak akan berakhir dari antara keturunan mereka.
hlkw <03615> Yes 10:25 ... waktu lagi amarah-Ku atasmu akan berakhir , dan murka-Ku akan menyebabkan ...
opa <0656> Yes 29:20 Sebab orang yang gagah sombong akan berakhir dan orang pencemooh akan ...
txt <02865> Yes 51:6 ... yang dari pada-Ku tidak akan berakhir .
wmlsw <07999> Yes 60:20 ... dan hari-hari perkabunganmu akan berakhir .
tbsnw <07673> Yeh 33:28 ... yang ditimbulkan kekuatannya, akan berakhir ; gunung-gunung Israel akan ...
apwo <05491> Dan 6:26 ... dan kekuasaan-Nya tidak akan berakhir .
Uq <07093> Dan 12:6 ... hal-hal yang ajaib ini akan berakhir ?"

Konkordansi PB [Sebagai Frasa]

katarghyhsontai <2673> 1Kor 13:8 ... tidak berkesudahan; nubuat akan berakhir ; bahasa roh akan berhenti; ...

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