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Himne Indonesia

Mazmur 40:1-3

Kidung Jemaat

Himne Inggris

Mazmur 2:12

  • [Mzm 2:12] Why Did The Nations Join To Slay
  • [Mzm 2:12] Maker And Sov’reign Lord

Mazmur 27:14

  • [Mzm 27:14] My God, My Father, Make Me Strong

Mazmur 28:6-7

  • [Mzm 28:7] God Of Our Strength, Enthroned Above
  • [Mzm 28:7] Song Of Praise, A
  • [Mzm 28:7] Story Never Old, The

Mazmur 34:8

  • [Mzm 34:8] How You Will Love Him!

Mazmur 40:1-3

  • [Mzm 40:1] Day After Day I Sought The Lord
  • [Mzm 40:1] I Waited For The Lord Most High
  • [Mzm 40:1] I Waited For The Lord My God
  • [Mzm 40:2] Firm On The Rock I Stand
  • [Mzm 40:2] He Brought Me Out
  • [Mzm 40:2] He Took My Feet From The Miry Clay
  • [Mzm 40:3] He Keeps Me Singing
  • [Mzm 40:3] Wonderful, Wonderful Jesus

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