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Imamat 6:8-13

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At this verse the Jews begin the twenty-fifth section of the law, and also, in the best Hebrew Bibles, the sixth chapter, which undoubtedly ought to begin here, as the inspired writer enters upon a new subject; the former part of the book being intended for the instruction of the people relative to the several sacrifices to be brought; but this for the instruction of the priests respecting some particulars of their official services.


Judul : Korban bakaran

Perikop : Im 6:8-13


korban bakaran Korban bakaran(TB)/korban bakaran .... korban bakaran(TL) <05930> [of the burnt.]

perapian(TB)/tinggal(TL) <04169> [because of the burning. or, for the burning.]


korban bakaran.

Im 7:37

api mezbah

Im 6:12


pakaian lenannya baju .... lenan(TB)/baju kain rami ..... rami(TL) <04055 0906> [linen garment.]

dimakan(TB/TL) <0398> [consumed.]

samping(TB)/sisi(TL) <0681> [beside.]


mengenakan pakaian

Kel 39:27; [Lihat FULL. Kel 39:27]

menutup auratnya.

Kel 28:39-42,43; 39:28 [Semua]

mengangkat abu

Im 1:16; [Lihat FULL. Im 1:16]


menanggalkan(TB)/ditanggalkannya(TL) <06584> [put off.]

luar(TB/TL) <02351> [without.]


yang tahir.

Im 4:12; [Lihat FULL. Im 4:12]


Api(TB)/api(TL) <0784> [the fire.]

menaruh kayu .... kayu(TB)/kayu(TL) <06086 01197> [burn wood.]

The efficacy of the priesthood and mediation of Christ is perpetual, and we can never approach to God in his name, by day or night, unseasonably. The ministers of Christ should have the fire of their zeal constantly burning.


menaruh kayu

Im 1:7; [Lihat FULL. Im 1:7]

segala lemak

Kel 29:13; [Lihat FULL. Kel 29:13]

korban keselamatan

Kel 32:6; [Lihat FULL. Kel 32:6]

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