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Imamat 1:3

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bakaran(TB)/korban bakaran(TL) <05930> [a burnt.]

jantan(TB/TL) <02145> [a male.]

berkenan(TB)/mengadakan(TL) <07522> [his own.]

pintu(TB/TL) <06607> [at the.]


korban bakaran

Kej 8:20; [Lihat FULL. Kej 8:20]

dari lembu,

Im 1:10; Im 22:27; Ezr 8:35; Mal 1:8 [Semua]

tidak bercela.

Im 1:5; [Lihat FULL. Im 1:5]; Kel 12:5; [Lihat FULL. Kel 12:5]; Im 22:19,20; [Lihat FULL. Im 22:19]; [Lihat FULL. Im 22:20]; Ibr 9:14; 1Pet 1:19 [Semua]

pintu Kemah

Im 6:25; 17:9; Bil 6:16; Ul 12:5-6,11 [Semua]

Tuhan berkenan

Yes 58:5

Catatan Frasa: KORBAN BAKARAN.

Imamat 1:10

TSK Full Life Study Bible


kambing domba(TB)/binatang yang kecil(TL) <06629> [of the flocks.]

korban bakaran(TB/TL) <05930> [a burnt sacrifice.]

{Olah,} a burnt offering, from {ƒlah,} to ascend, because this offering ascended, as it were, to God in flame and smoke, being wholly consumed; for which reason its is called in the Septuagint, [holo kaut¢ma,] a whole burnt offering. This was the most important of all the sacrifices; and no part of it was eaten either by the priest or the offerer, but the whole was offered to God. It has been sufficiently shown by learned men, that almost every nation of the earth, in every age, had their burnt offerings, from the persuasion that there was no other way to appease the incensed gods; and they even offered human sacrifices, because they imagined that life was necessary to redeem life, and that the gods would be satisfied with nothing less.

jantan(TB/TL) <02145> [a male.]


dari domba,

Kej 27:7; [Lihat FULL. Kej 27:7]

dari kambing,

Im 1:3; [Lihat FULL. Im 1:3]; Kel 12:5; Im 3:12; 4:23,28; 5:6; Bil 15:11 [Semua]

Imamat 1:14

TSK Full Life Study Bible


burung(TB/TL) <05775> [of fowls.]


burung merpati.

Kej 15:9; [Lihat FULL. Kej 15:9]; Luk 2:24 [Semua]

TIP #15: Gunakan tautan Nomor Strong untuk mempelajari teks asli Ibrani dan Yunani. [SEMUA]
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