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1 Korintus 7:25

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tentang(TB)/Tentang(TL) <4012> [concerning.]

para gadis(TB)/perawan(TL) <3933> [virgins.]

The word [parthenos <\\See definition 3933\\>,] as well as the Latin {virgo,} "a virgin," though it generally signifies a maid, frequently denotes unmarried persons of both sexes; in which sense it is evidently used here by the apostle.

mendapat(TB)/padaku(TL) <2192> [have.]

rahmat(TL) <1653> [obtained.]


dari Tuhan.

1Kor 7:6; 2Kor 8:8 [Semua]

karena rahmat

2Kor 4:1; 1Tim 1:13,16 [Semua]

1 Korintus 7:40

TSK Full Life Study Bible


tetap tinggal(TB)/tinggal(TL) <2076 3306> [she.]

bahwa(TL) <1380> [I think.]

Rather, "I judge (or consider) also that I have the Spirit of God;" for [dokein] is frequently used to express not what is doubtful, but what is true and certain.


menurut pendapatku,

1Kor 7:25

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