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HEBREW: 6611 hyxtp P@thachyah


yang dilepaskan oleh Yehovah. 1Tawarikh 24:16


Strongs #06611: hyxtp P@thachyah

Pethahiah = "freed by Jehovah"

1) a priest, in charge of the 19th course, in the time of David
2) a Levite and returning exile who had married a foreign wife;
probably the same as 3
3) a Levite who helped lead in the confession of the people in the
time of Ezra; probably the same as 2
4) son of Meshezabeel, descendant of Zerah the son of Judah; deputy
of the king in all matters concerning the people

6611 Pthachyah peth-akh-yaw'

from 6605 and 3050; Jah has opened; Pethachjah, the name of four Israelites: KJV -- Pethakiah.
see HEBREW for 06605
see HEBREW for 03050

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