sphragis <4973>

sfragiv sphragis

Asal Mula:probably strengthened from 5420
Referensi:TDNT - 7:939,1127
Jenis Kata:n f (noun feminime)
Dalam Yunani:sfragida 10, sfragidav 3, sfragidwn 1, sfragisin 1, sfragiv 1
Dalam TB:meterai 12, meterai-meterainya 2, meterainya 2
Dalam AV:seal 16
Definisi : idov [feminin] meterai, segel; tanda, cap (Why 9.4); prasasti (2Tim 2.19); alat meterai atau pembumbung tanda (Why 7.2); bukti (Rm 4.11; 1Kor 9.2)
meterai, tanda
1) a seal
1a) the seal placed upon books
1b) a signet ring
1c) the inscription or impression made by a seal
1c1) of the name of God and Christ stamped upon their foreheads
1d) that by which anything is confirmed, proved, authenticated,
as by a seal (a token or proof)

probably strengthened from 5420; a signet (as fencing in or protecting from misappropriation); by implication, the stamp impressed (as a mark of privacy, or genuineness), literally or figuratively: KJV -- seal.
see GREEK for 5420
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