ekstasis <1611>

ekstasiv ekstasis

Asal Mula:from 1839
Referensi:TDNT - 2:449,217
Jenis Kata:n f (noun feminime)
Dalam Yunani:ekstasei 3, ekstasewv 1, ekstasiv 3
Dalam TB:diliputi kuasa ilahi 2, takjub 2, tercengang 1, diliputi oleh kuasa ilahi 1
Dalam AV:trance 3, be amazed + 3083 2, amazement 1, astonishment 1
Definisi : ewv [feminin] rasa takjub; kerasukan roh, ekstase (egeneto ep'auton e. dia mendaopat penglihatan Kis 10.10; bandingkanlah Kis 11,5; 22.17)
1) any casting down of a thing from its proper place or state,
2) a throwing of the mind out of its normal state, alienation of
mind, whether such as makes a lunatic or that of a man who by
some sudden emotion is transported as it were out of himself,
so that in this rapt condition, although he is awake, his mind
is drawn off from all surrounding objects and wholly fixed on
things divine that he sees nothing but the forms and images
lying within, and thinks that he perceives with his bodily
eyes and ears realities shown him by God.
3) amazement, the state of one who, either owing to the
importance or the novelty of an event, is thrown into a state
of blended fear and wonderment

from 1839; a displacement of the mind, i.e. bewilderment, "ecstasy": KJV -- + be amazed, amazement, astonishment, trance.
see GREEK for 1839
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