TB NETBible YUN-IBR Ref. Silang Nama Gambar Himne

Markus 10:46-52

Bartimeus : a man who was a blind beggar in Jericho and who received his sight

Daud : a son of Jesse of Judah; king of Israel,son of Jesse of Judah; king of Israel

Nazaret : a town in lower Galilee about halfway between the Sea of Galilee and the Mediterranean Sea
(32° 42´, 35° 18´)

Rabuni : a title given to teachers and others of an exalted position

Timeus : the father of the Bartimaeus who was healed of blindness by Jesus

Yerikho : a town five miles west of the Jordan and 15 miles northeast of Jerusalem,a town of Benjamin 11 km NW of the mouth of the Jordan River
(31° 52´, 35° 26´)

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