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Kejadian 29:1-20

Haran : a town of upper Mesopotamia,an English name representing two different Hebrew names,as representing the Hebrew name 'Haran',son of Terah; brother of Abraham,a Levitical chief of the descendants of Ladan under King David; son of Shimei,as representing the Hebrew name 'Xaran', beginning with a velar fricative,son of Caleb of Judah and Ephah his concubine
(36° 51´, 39° 1´)

Laban : son of Bethuel; brother of Rebecca; father of Leah and Rachel; uncle and father-in-law of Jacob,a town in Moab
(31° 48´, 34° 56´)

Lea : daughter of Laban; wife of Jacob; mother of Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, Zebulun and Dinah

Nahor : a son of Serug; the father of Terah; an ancestor of Jesus.,son of Serug of Shem; father of Terah,son of Terah; brother of Abraham,town in Mesopotamia

Rahel : a daughter of Laban; wife of Jacob; mother of Joseph and Benjamin,Jacob's favorite wife

Ribka : daughter of Bethuel, nephew of Abraham

Yakub : the second so of a pair of twins born to Isaac and Rebeccaa; ancestor of the 12 tribes of Israel,the nation of Israel,a person, male,son of Isaac; Israel the man and nation

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