TB NETBible YUN-IBR Ref. Silang Nama Gambar Himne

Ulangan 9:21

TSK Full Life Study Bible


kuambil(TB/TL) <03947> [I took.]

sungai(TB/TL) <05158> [the brook.]

This was the stream which flowed from the rock that Moses smote with his rod, (Ex 17:6,) and to which the Psalmist alludes in Ps 78:16-20; 105:41. Philo relates, that upon Moses' striking the rock, the water poured out like a torrent, affording not only a sufficient quantity for allaying their present thirst, but to fill their water vessels, to carry with them on their journey.


menjadi abu,

Mazm 18:43; Yes 29:5; 40:15 [Semua]

dari gunung.

Kel 32:20; Yes 2:18; Mi 1:7 [Semua]

TIP #21: Untuk mempelajari Sejarah/Latar Belakang kitab/pasal Alkitab, gunakan Boks Temuan pada Tampilan Alkitab. [SEMUA]
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