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Keluaran 7:20

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diangkatnya(TB/TL) <07311> [he lifted.]

air .............. air(TB)/air ................ air(TL) <04325> [all the waters.]

As the Nile was held sacred by the Egyptians, as well as the animals it contained, to which they annually sacrificed a girl, or as others say, both a boy and girl, God might have designed this plague as a punishment for such idolatry and cruelty; and to shew them the baseness of those elements which they reverenced, and the insufficiency of the gods in which they trusted. All the punishments brought upon them bore a strict analogy to their crimes.


yang difirmankan

Kel 7:6; [Lihat FULL. Kel 7:6]

sungai Nil,

Kel 17:5

menjadi darah;

Mazm 78:44; 105:29; 114:3; Hab 3:8 [Semua]


Keluaran 8:2

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menolak(TB)/engganlah(TL) <03986> [refuse.]

katak(TB/TL) <06854> [frogs.]

The Hebrew {tzephardˆim} is evidently the same with the Arabic {zafda,} Chaldaic {oordeƒnaya,} and Syriac {oordeai,} all of which denote frogs, as almost all interpreters, both ancient and modern, agree to render it; Bochart conceives, from {tzifa,} a bank, and {radƒ,} mud, because of delighting in muddy and marshy places.


dengan katak.

Mazm 78:45; 105:30; Wahy 16:13 [Semua]

Catatan Frasa: KATAK.

Keluaran 8:16

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Ulurkanlah(TB)/Kedangkanlah(TL) <05186> [Stretch.]

nyamuk(TB)/tuma(TL) <03654> [lice.]

The word {kinnim} is rendered by the LXX. [skiphes, skipes,] or [skn‚phes,] and by the Vulgate {sciniphes,} Gnats; and Mr. Harmer supposes he has found out the true meaning in the word {tarrentes,} a species of worm. Bochart, however, seems to have proved that lice, and not gnats, are meant; because, 1. they sprang from the dust, and not from the waters; 2. they were on both man and beast, which cannot be said of gnats; 3. their name is derived from {koon,} to make firm, fix, establish, which cannot agree with gnats, flies, etc., which are ever changing place, and almost constantly on the wing; 4. the term {kinnah} is used by the Talmudists to express the louse. This insect must have been a very dreadful and afflicting plague to the Egyptians, and especially to the priests, who were obliged to shave all their hair off, and to wear a single linen tunic, to prevent vermin harbouring about them.


Judul : Tulah ketiga: nyamuk

Perikop : Kel 8:16-19

Ulurkanlah tongkatmu

Kel 4:2; [Lihat FULL. Kel 4:2]

Keluaran 8:21

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pikat(TB)/tabuhan ......................... tabuhan(TL) <06157> [swarms. or, a mixture of noisome beasts, etc.]

The word {arov} is rendered [kunomwea,] kunomuia,] the dog-fly, by the LXX. (who are followed by the learned Bochart,) which must have been particularly hateful to the Egyptians, because they held dogs in the highest veneration, under which form they worshipped Anubis.

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