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Kejadian 37:25

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duduklah(TB)/duduk(TL) <03427> [they sat.]

Ismael(TB)/Ismaili(TL) <03459> [Ishmeelites.]

Gilead(TB/TL) <01568> [Gilead.]

damar(TB)/rempah-rempah(TL) <05219> [spicery.]

{Nechoth,} is rendered by the LXX. "incense;" Syriac, "resin;" Samaritan, "balsam;" Acquila, "storax;" which is followed by Bochart. This drug is abundant in Syria, and here Moses joins with it resin, honey, and myrrh; which agrees with the nature of the storax, which is the resin of a tree of the same name, of a reddish colour, and peculiarly pleasant fragrance.

balsam(TB)/getah(TL) <06875> [balm]

{Tzeri,} which in Arabic, as a verb, is to flow, seems to be a common name, as balm or balsam with us, for many of those oily, resinous substances, which flow spontaneously, or by incision, from various trees or plants; accordingly the ancients have generally interpreted it resin.

damar(TB)/kemenyan(TL) <03910> [myrrh.]

{Lot,} is probably, as Junius, De Dieu, Celsius, and Ursinus contend, the same as the Arabic {ladan}, Greek [ladanon,] and Latin {ladanum}.


orang Ismael

Kej 16:11; [Lihat FULL. Kej 16:11]

dari Gilead

Kej 31:21; [Lihat FULL. Kej 31:21]; Kid 4:1; [Lihat FULL. Kid 4:1] [Semua]

damar, balsam

Yer 8:22; 22:6; 46:11 [Semua]

damar ladan,

Kej 43:11; Kel 30:23; Mazm 45:9; Ams 7:17; Kid 1:13; Mat 2:11 [Semua]

ke Mesir.

Kej 37:28; Kej 39:1; Mazm 105:17 [Semua]

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