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2 Samuel 5:23

TSK Full Life Study Bible


bertanyalah(TB)/bertanyakanlah(TL) <07592> [enquired.]

lingkaran(TB)/melingkungkan(TL) <05437> [fetch.]

kertau(TB)/pohon-pohon kertau(TL) <01057> [the mulberry trees.]

The word {becha‹m,} rendered mulberry trees, is rendered by Aquila, [apion,] pear-trees, as the LXX. also render in 1 Ch 14:14, 15; and so the Vulgate in both places has {pyrorum.} The Rabbins, however, believe {bacha} signifies the mulberry-tree; with whom Ursinus agrees. It more probably denotes a large shrub which the Arabs still call {baca,} from its distilling an odoriferous gum, from {bachah} to distil, as tears. Of this opinion is Celsius, who quotes a passage from Abulfadi, who describes it as a balsam shrub, having longish leaves, and bearing a large fruit with an acrid taste. M. Forskal mentions a tree by the name of {b‘ca,} with leaves rather ovated, smooth, entire: its berries are poisonous to the sheep.

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