TB NETBible YUN-IBR Ref. Silang Nama Gambar Himne

2 Timotius 4:9-22

Akwila : the husband of Priscilla

Aleksander : the son of Simon the Cyrenian who was compelled to carry the cross of Jesus,a leading man of Jerusalem when Peter and John were tried there,a man who was converted but who afterwards apostatised

Dalmatia : a Roman province, on the east coast of the Adriatic Sea, also called Illyricum
(43° 30´, 16° 4´)

Demas : a man who worked with Paul and later deserted him

Ebulus : a man who was a companion of Paul

Efesus : a town in western Asia Minor at the mouth of the Cayster River

Erastus : a man who was a friend of Paul

Galatia : a nation, and later a Roman province, in central Asia Minor
(37° 34´, 32° 27´)

Klaudia : a Christian woman of Rome

Korintus : a town located on the narrow isthmus connecting the Greek mainland with the Peloponnesus Peninsula to the south
(37° 54´, 22° 52´)

Kreskes : a christian man who worked with Paul

Linus : a man at Rome from whom Paul sent greetings

Lukas : the man who wrote the book of Luke and the book of Acts

Markus : a nephew of Barnabas and companion of Paul; author of the Gospel of Mark

Miletus : a town on the west coast of Asia Minor, forty miles south of Ephesus
(35° 51´, 14° 31´); (37° 30´, 27° 17´)

Onesiforus : a man from Ephesus who helped Paul in Rome

Priskila : the wife of Aquila

Pudes : a man in Rome who sends greetings with Paul to Timothy

Tesalonika : a town of Macedonia on the Thermaic Gulf (Gulf of Salonika)

Tikhikus : a man who was a fellow worker with Paul

Titus : a Christian Greek man who accompanied Paul and was left in Crete to settle the churches there

Troas : a town in northwest Asia Minor
(39° 30´, 26° 4´)

Trofimus : a Gentile christian man from Ephesus who went with Paul to Jerusalem.

wilayah bangsa-bangsa lain : a non-Jewish person

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