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1 Samuel 25:7

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gembala-gembalamu(TB)/gembala(TL) <07462> [thy shepherds.]

In those times, and at the present day, wandering Arabs, under their several chiefs, think that they have a right to exact contributions of provisions, etc., wherever they come. But David, though he lived in the wilderness like the Arab emirs, had not adopted their manners: one of them, at the head of 600 men, would have demanded, from time to time, some provision or present from Nabal's servants, for permitting them to feed at quiet; and would have driven them away from the watering place upon any dislike. David had done nothing of this kind; but had protected them against those who would.

ganggu(TB)/mengusik(TL) <03637> [we hurt. Heb. we shamed.]


kami ganggu

1Sam 25:15

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