TB NETBible YUN-IBR Ref. Silang Nama Gambar Himne

1 Samuel 20:30-35

Daud : a son of Jesse of Judah; king of Israel,son of Jesse of Judah; king of Israel

Isai : a son of Obed; the father of David the king and ancestor of Jesus,son of Obed of Judah; father of David

Saul : the sixth king of Edom,son of Simeon and a Canaanite woman,son of Uzziah of Kohath son of Levi

Saulus : the man from Tarsus who became a great apostle to the gentiles,the first king of Isreal,son of Kish of Benjamin; king of Israel before David

Yohanan : son of Kareah; a militia leader who rallied to Gedaliah,son of King Josiah,son of Eli-O-Enai, a descendant of Hananiah, Zerubbabel and David,a high priest; son of Azariah I,a Benjamite man who defected to David at Ziklag,Gadite officer who defected to David in the wilderness,a man of Ephraim; father of Azariah, who opposed Israel's taking Judeans captive,son of Hakkatan; head of a family group descended from Azgad who returned from exile,a Levite leader during the time of Nehemiah,son of Eliashib; a chief priest

Yonatan : a man who was a descendant of Gershom son of Moses,son of Saul of Benjamin,son of the high priest Abiathar in David's time,the son of Shime-i, David's brother,son of Shammah/Shagee; one of David's military elite,son of Jada of Judah,son of Uzziah; overseer of the country treasuries for King David,a man who was uncle and counselor of King David,father of Ebed who accompanied Ezra leading the clan of Adin back from exile,a man who opposed Ezra's reforms; son of Asahel,a chief priest; son of Joiada,priest and head of the house of Malluchi under High Priest Joiakim in the time of Nehemiah,son of Shemaiah of Asaph of Levi; father of Zechariah,a man who was secretary and dungeon keeper for King Zedekiah; son of Kareah

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