KEPADA IMAN [Sebagai Frasa]

Jumlah dalam TB : 2 dalam 2 ayat
(dalam NT: 2 dalam 2 ayat)
Keluarga Kata untuk frasa "kepada iman" dalam TB (0/7) : kepada iman (0x/2x); kepada imanmu (0x/1x); kepadaku imanmu (0x/1x); kepadamu iman (0x/1x); kepadamu imanku (0x/1x); pada imanmu (0x/1x);
Greek : <1519 4102> 1x; <4102> 1x;
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YUNANI [Sebagai Frasa]

Strong# / Frek.Definisi & Terjemahan
<4102> 2 (dari 243)
pistiv pistis
Definisi : --n f (noun feminime)-- 1) conviction of the truth of anything, belief; in the NT of a conviction or belief respecting man's relationship to God and divine things, generally with the included idea of trust and holy fervour born of faith and joined with it 1a) relating to God 1a1) the conviction that God exists and is the creator and ruler of all things, the provider and bestower of eternal salvation through Christ 1b) relating to Christ 1b1) a strong and welcome conviction or belief that Jesus is the Messiah, through whom we obtain eternal salvation in the kingdom of God 1c) the religious beliefs of Christians 1d) belief with the predominate idea of trust (or confidence) whether in God or in Christ, springing from faith in the same 2) fidelity, faithfulness 2a) the character of one who can be relied on
<1519> 1 (dari 1765)
eiv eis
Definisi : --prep (preposition)-- 1) into, unto, to, towards, for, among ++++ "For" (as used in Ac 2:38 "for the forgiveness...") could have two meanings. If you saw a poster saying "Jesse James wanted for robbery", "for" could mean Jesse is wanted so he can commit a robbery, or is wanted because he has committed a robbery. The later sense is the correct one. So too in this passage, the word "for" signifies an action in the past. Otherwise, it would violate the entire tenor of the NT teaching on salvation by grace and not by works.

Konkordansi PB [Sebagai Frasa]

pistewv <4102> Kis 14:27 ... pintu bagi bangsa-bangsa lain kepada iman .
eiv pistin <1519 4102> Rm 1:17 ... dari iman dan memimpin kepada iman , seperti ada tertulis: "Orang ...

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