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Galatia 4

Abba : a title by which one addresses his father

Abraham : a son of Terah; the father of Isaac; ancestor of the Jewish nation.,the son of Terah of Shem

Arab : the entire region of the Arabian Peninsula, the Sinai Peninsula, the land of Edom, and all the land between the Jordan Valley and the Euphrates River (ZD).,a region of desert plains
(27° 23´, 37° 42´)

Hagar : wife of Abraham used figuratively of her son Ishmael and his descendants,Sarah's Egyptian maid

Ishak : the only son of Abraham and Sarah; father of Jacob and Esau

Sinai : a mountain located either between the gulfs of Suez and Akaba or in Arabia, east of Akaba,a mountain; the place where the law was given to Moses
(28° 32´, 33° 58´); (28° 32´, 33° 58´)

Yerusalem : the capital city of Israel,a town; the capital of Israel near the southern border of Benjamin
(31° 50´, 34° 59´); (31° 46´, 35° 14´)

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