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Mazmur 34

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Himne Indonesia

Kidung Jemaat

  • Tuhan, Kasihanilah [KJ.44]

Himne Inggris

  • [Mzm 34:1] At All Times Praise The Lord
  • [Mzm 34:1] I’ll Bless The Lord From Day To Day
  • [Mzm 34:1] Lord I Will At All Times Bless, The
  • [Mzm 34:1] My Song Shall Be Of Jesus
  • [Mzm 34:1] My Song Shall Bless The Lord Of All
  • [Mzm 34:1] Sing Praise To Jesus
  • [Mzm 34:1] We Give Immortal Praise
  • [Mzm 34:3] Bring Many Names
  • [Mzm 34:3] O Magnify The Lord With Me (laufer)
  • [Mzm 34:3] Through All The Changing Scenes Of Life
  • [Mzm 34:4] Give To The Winds Thy Fears
  • [Mzm 34:4] Thy Way And All Thy Sorrows
  • [Mzm 34:8] How You Will Love Him!
  • [Mzm 34:11] Come, Children, Learn To Fear The Lord
  • [Mzm 34:11] Tried And True
  • [Mzm 34:11] Ye Children, Come, Give Ear To Me
  • [Mzm 34:18] Come Near Me
  • [Mzm 34:18] Lord, When We Bend Before Thy Throne
  • [Mzm 34:18] With Broken Heart And Contrite Sigh
  • [Mzm 34:19] I Asked The Lord That I Might Grow
  • [Mzm 34:22] What Is The Thing Of Greatest Price?

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